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March 10, 2008


Drew Marsh

I talked about this problem here on my blog[1] back in May 2007 and gave a similar "creative" work around. The biggest difference is, my images aren't static and must be loaded dynamically.



Alex Walker

A great read. I've never liked the built-in complexity of the PNG32 hacks but I never realized how much was going on under the IE surface. If you guys couldn't adequately solve those issues, I think everyone should be scared.

Glad that PNG8 worked out to be a good fill-in.

Patrick Dunphy

Have you ateempted to use Dean Edwards updated IE7.js script? He's recently updated to a version 2.

Some issues with png's on png CSS background but so far so good.


George Reilly

I just quickly perused the latest source of Dean's IE7.js (specifically, As far as I can tell, it does not defer applying the filter until after the image has loaded, so it's susceptible to the deadlock. Alas, I don't have time to play with it right now to confirm that.

Dean has clearly read this blogpost, as he refers to it at

Rytis Lukosevicius

I'm very glad that I've finally found the answer for this problem. We have launched around 400 websites with 50 different designs, but this problem plagues only some of them and until now I had no clue why is this happening in one place, but not the other. Also as you've mentioned it shows itself only on some versions of IE and it's always not the one I have, but the one clients do.

I really appreciate your effort to find the solution just in my case png8 won't cut it :( I'll have to try all those js solutions one more time.

Paul Witkowski

Great article, I tried to find out what is going on for a long time. Now I know what to change to make our project work correctly on IE 6 (still 25% of market...). I figured out by myself that turning off gzip compresion and set PLAIN connection makes hangs much shorter (around few seconds), but this is still unacceptable for mine company that create web based game. Again... thanks for sharing this with us!


AWESOME! Man, I've been wracking my brain all morning as to why IE6 just hangs forever. It took me a while to narrow it down to a particular CSS file then more time to narrow it to a section. Then EVEN more to a line. Just to find out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the line. Then I started to think there might be a limit to the number of AlphaLoaders you could use, which after a quick google lead me here. Excellent explanation. Thanks.

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