August 04, 2011

Use the Upgraded Schedule Feature to Get Even the Busiest Fall Calendar Under Control

With school starting soon for many families, it's time to add loads of new items to the family calendar: sports schedules, music, not to mention new school schedules and childcare routines.

The upgraded schedule feature in Cozi makes it a snap to set everything up in one place.

How does the scheduler work? Watch the video for a quick demo of this feature:



Thank you for sharing this information. It will help me greatly since I have a very active daugther who is on 2 soccer teams.


Wow! What an amazing feature!! I'm so greatful to Cozi for this service, my life is hectic enough - without you I'd be lost! Thank you for the tips!!


Perfect!! This will work in real life! I love it!


You make it look so easy!!! I entered all my data, but must have entered something wrong...I have multiple listings of the schedule on the calendar. HELP!!!


On the video I noticed that you have candlelighting and Jewish holidays. How did you get those on your calendar? I would love to have that!

Cozi News

Hi Nana,

I'm sorry you had trouble! Please go into the schedule and look at the times and dates you have set. Sometimes, if you forget to set the times and dates, it can accidentally add things. If you are still stuck, please email our support team so they can look at your individual account and help you fix it.

Hi Sheina,
I imported that calendar with candlelighting and other times using Hebcal. Here is the link Just do all the steps as if you were importing the calendar to outlook or ical, but then copy and paste the URL into Cozi in the spot where it says internet calendars. Maybe I'll do the next video blog about adding calendars!
^Carol @Cozi


This is a great feature. What do you suggest for a practice schedule that is not consistent? There are days when it won't happen due to other events or games. Is there a way to delete or modify days once they are set?

Cozi News

Hi Michelle, If the event or game occurs at the same time as the practice, Cozi will automatically create an exception and delete the overlapping practice. Please try it and tell us what you think! ^Carol @Cozi


Thank you so much for this... Im a mom of 6.. 9 and under and I have a very busy schedule.. Between sports, doctors, school... This is truly amazing!

Beth Owen

Thanks for this video. I would like to know how to add notes, I guess is the best word, to my calendar. My father-in-law is having surgery, but he lives out of state, so there is no time or person actually involved.



how do i sync my yahoo calendar with the cozi one? I am have working on it for 35 minutes

Cozi News

Hi Beth, You can add notes to any individual appointment by clicking on the appointment and typing the notes in the bottom just as in this video. Does that help?^Carol

Cozi News

Hi Anna, Here is a link to the instructions for importing your Yahoo calendar to Cozi.

Lisa blackwell

Thanks for the information Carol. I am trying to figure out how to add my "" events onto Cozi. meetup allows for ical but I can't seem to make it work. any help? Please email me if you can. thanks


Like Beth, I would like to be able to post events on the calendar and not be required to add a time. Is that possible with current set-up? If not, could it be added in a future version? Thanks!


I wish I could schedule things to repeat for multiple days of the week... for example my daughter starts school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:05a but on Wednesday she starts at 9:30a. So when I go to add it I have to do each day individually because I can't choose repeat weekly M T Th F. It would make my life easier if I could.

Thanks for such a wonderful system that has made a HUGE difference with my family!!!!


I just figured out I needed to watch the video and learn how to use the updated scheduler! Oops! I was attempting to do it right from the calendar.

This is great!!!!


I've added schedules and assigned them to me and my son. I'd like to print out a schedule each week for him to see, but when I click show Daniel, the activity appointments aren't there.


Hello! I love the calendar and the scheduler you showed, but sometimes there are holidays that change the normal routine and cancel a regular event. Is there a way to keep the normal routine and just remove a specific date or two (in between the start and end dates I assign). When I was completing my school calendar I had to create different "normal routines" around the holidays and it took a lot of extra time. Thank you so much!


I love this activity scheduling. I do have a question. I input a practice schedule with repeating days of the week. I then input a holiday (Labor Day) as an all day 'game'. I expected my practice for that day to be removed from my calendar, however, it was not. My practice is from 4-6pm. Will the holiday event only remove the appointment if I set the holiday for the exact same time as the practice? Thanks!

Andi Robinson

I was on Cozi a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across an option to email a member of your child's school to request they link with Cozi to import the school calendar. But now I can't find that option. Could you point me in the right direction?



I absolutely LOVE Cozi and the app makes everything even easier. I don't know how we managed without it, well I do, but it wasn't as easy as it is for us now. My family loves that I can send them reminders and I love that I can see all of my family's activities that will be going on for the day, week or month:)

Theta Johnson

I am geting sync errors when trying to get these entries into my outlook claendar. Some say end date is before start date, these are yearly occurances and don't have end dates. Some have this text: ync attempt failed for previously-failed appointment; leaving on sync failure list. What have I done wrong?


The new scheduler is great, but I do have a request. I can't find a way to add my daughters school schedule which involves her attending kindergarten on "odd days" weekdays only. Is there an elegant way to do this that I am missing? Thanks.

Bethany DeHaan

Hello -- is there any way to copy an event? For instance, my son's concerts are all the same except for the date. Is it possible to duplicate one entry and just change the date rather than having to re-enter all info? Thx, B


I have a question, what if the appointments I have are every two weeks? How can I make it so it just automatically schedules them?

Brittany K

I'd love to use Cozi for everything but can't seem to see where I can sync with iCal. Does it and if not, will it ever? We Mac people need it for sure. Thanks!


I have some items that were sync'd from another calendar that I want to remove but it won't let me and I don't have access to the calendar that they originated from to delete from the source. Any way to help?


Is there any way I can change the settings on my calendar so that I can view it month by month instead of half of one month and half of another month


It would be great if we could share our calendars with others like Google does.


The Activity scheduler is a good idea, but it's useless to me because those calendar items won't synch with my Outlook calendar. Had to delete the activities and re-enter as weekly routine or regular calendar entries. Is this something that will be fixed, or should already be working?


I love this site! Would love to sync this calendar with my Google calendar so I don't have to retype my info.


does cozi sync with outlook,msn,hotmail


This looks pretty good for folks who do not have a more robust platform like Outlook


I have been using Cozi for almost 2 years. Love it but for one issue. It syncs FROM Outlook to Cozi, but not from Cozi to Outlook. I need it to do both to be most effective, accepting the most recent update.


Thanks for the tutorial.

I wish I could help those of you trying to sync with Outlook and Google, but I can't remember how I did it. If I remember correctly, I added the internet calendar for Google. Then I use a sync for Outlook. But it's unique, as I have Outlook only for work, which goes to Google. But Google events don't go to Outlook. (I set it up that way) Cozi goes to Google. I can get work and personal on my phone, but my personal events don't bog down the work calendar. I set it all up by following various instructions from message boards I found by Googling what I needed to do. Good luck!


It would be nice for scheduling the whole family if there were more categories, such as church, professional groups and volunteering.


Hi! Thank you for such an amazing FAMILY calendar!

My question is: once you have uploaded an internet calendar is there a way to remove that calendar or at least delete some of the events?

I accidentally uploaded the school district calendar more than once and need to remove those dates.

Thanks in advance for your help!


One of my family members has changed her e-mail address. How do I update this info?


This is a great scheduler. I began using it last spring. For Fall, I'm excited because both my husband and daughter are at school. I can coodindate all their days well, My husband works in a different district than our daughter. Our district is online too.


HOW TO SYNC WITH GOOGLE CALENDAR: make sure the calendar is public, then click on the arrow next to calendar on the side &click share this calendar. Click on calendar details at the top right. Then scroll down to calendar address & click on the iCal button an address will pop up copy that address. Then go to cozi and have the calendar open. Up top there is a set up drop down tab, click and select activity schedules/internet calendars. Scroll down to where it says add an internet calendar and paste the url you copied earlier and hit add. THERE YOU GO!! I spent the day trying to figure it out for my 2 kids school schedules & my organizations calendar. Hope this helps!!


HOW TO SYNC WITH GOOGLE CALENDAR: sorry adding to my other post - calendar details is actually on top left when you get to that step


@ Lori 8/14/2011 you can delete a calendar you uploaded by having the calendar page open and clicking on the set up drop down tab (just like when you were adding the calendar) there will be a listing of the calendars you added towards the bottom and to the right of them a delete button/link. Hope that answers your question


@Beth click on settings and then the top link says General household info that is where you update email address!


I must be missing something obvious as I tried adding a school calendar and even said it was for all, but it doesn't show at all in the calendar.

Cozi News

Hi everyone,

First, a huge thank you to Melissa for answering so many questions! I will try to answer everyone in follow up comments as well. ^carol from Cozi.

Cozi News

Hi Beth and Lisa,
To add notes here's what I suggest: Create a daily appointment called Today's notes. Set it as an all day appointment (no time assigned). Then, open the appointment and add the notes for that day.

If the notes are the same most of the time, you can set it up as a repeating appointment (every day, for example) so you don't have to retype them.

Then, when something is different, you can open the notes on that day, change them and save it as "Save this day only".

Would you please try that and let me know if it helps? Thanks! ^carol

Cozi News

Hi everyone,

I know quite a few people have asked about using Cozi with Google calendar. We are working on a separate video cast of how to do this and it should be posted by tomorrow. Thanks!

Cozi News

Michael, It's possible that the school calendar you tried to load has not actually been updated with data by the school. Would you please tell me the school district so we can check? Thanks! ^carol

Cozi News

Hi Lori,
To delete an internet calendar please go to:
-click Set up
-Click Activity Scheduler/ Internet Calenders
- Scroll down to find the calendar you want to delete
- Click delete in blue to the right of the calendar
Thanks! ^carol

Cozi News

Hi everyone,

The Cozi blog is moving!

In order to provide you with a better experience - including threaded comments - we are moving the Cozi blog to a new platform.

If you asked (or have) a question about this post, please go to the new location and ask it there, so we will be sure not to miss it.

^The Cozi Team

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