August 24, 2011

How to Use Cozi With Google Calendar

One of the most popular questions we get on Facebook (and Twitter) is this: "Can I sync Cozi with Google Calendar?"

The answer is that although cannot sync, you can import a Google Calendar to Cozi, and you can also export a Cozi Calendar to Google Calendar (or any other digital calendar such as Outlook or iCal).

This video tutorial demonstrates exactly how to do it. Please see a few important notes at the end.

Please note:

In both cases (import or export), you get a read-only feed from the original source. This means that the person importing the calendar details cannot modify them, only view them.

Cozi updates data from Google approximately every 30 minutes. So it may take that long for new information to show up in your Cozi Calendar.

Google calendar can take up to 24 hours to get data from Cozi, so if you need to send data to someone urgently, be aware they may not see it in their Google Cal for a full day.

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If I go both ways, will I get double appointments?

Cozi News

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for asking. the answer is no. Since the imported calendar is read-only. It does not show up when you export a feed to another calendar.
^Carol at Cozi

Cozi News

Hi everyone,

The Cozi blog is moving!

In order to provide you with a better experience - including threaded comments - we are moving the Cozi blog to a new platform.

If you asked (or have) a question about this post, please go to the new location and ask it there, so we will be sure not to miss it.

^The Cozi Team

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