August 02, 2011

Get Organized for Back to School in 5 Days!

The new school year is around the corner, and you've probably started to make mental notes about things you want to accomplish before school starts: get the fall calendar set up, get the house organized, hypnotize the kids to make them love homework... 

Back to School Crash Course This year, we're offering a brand new way to help you get set for school. It's the Cozi Back to School Crash Course - 5 days to the most organized school year ever

Sign-up and you’ll receive one email tip a day for five days and we guarantee that by the end, you'll have: your fall schedules all in one place, a smoother morning routine, a list of easy meals for even the busiest school days, and more. And since everyone starts school on a different date, you get to choose which week you receive the tips!

Sign up today!


Cozi News

Hi everyone,

The Cozi blog is moving!

In order to provide you with a better experience - including threaded comments - we are moving the Cozi blog to a new platform.

If you asked (or have) a question about this post, please go to the new location and ask it there, so we will be sure not to miss it.

^The Cozi Team

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