May 24, 2011

You Can Now Export Your Cozi Calendar!

Many Cozi families have asked us for a way to export their Cozi calendar to other types of calendars, or to other Cozi accounts. We’ve heard you, and have now added this feature to Cozi!

Maybe you want to share a read-only version of your child’s Cozi calendar with an ex-spouse, or maybe you want to share part of your calendar with a child care provider or the grandparents. Whatever your reason, it’s now possible to share your calendar this way.

Sharing the calendar creates a unique URL for one family member, or for all family members. You can send this URL to someone else to be imported into another calendar application, such as Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, or another Cozi account.

Here are some important details:

When you update appointments in Cozi, the people you’re sharing with will automatically see the changes. (Depending on which calendar they’re using, it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the changes to appear.)

People you share with will see the appointments as read-only, in other words, they will not be able to edit the appointments.

You can turn sharing off at any time. If you do, no appointments from Cozi will remain visible in the other calendar. You could always share with the same person in the future by starting the process from the beginning.

Here’s how to share your calendar:

Calendar Share

  • Sign into your Cozi account, and click on Calendar
  • Select the “Set up” option from the top menu on the calendar page
  • Click on “Share appointments"
  • On the Sharing page, click on “Not shared” next to the family member whose calendar you’d like to share. Two options pop up: "Not shared" and "Shared". Select "Shared." 
  • You can select an individual family member or "All" family members for this feature. (If you want to share feeds for multiple children, you’d need to select each child individually and create separate feeds for each.)
  • Choose "Send URL" to send an email to the person you want to share your calendar with. The email will contain the URL and instructions for importing your Cozi calendar. (You can also view the URL at anytime and copy/paste to send again, etc.)

That’s it! We hope this new feature will be helpful to many families. Please let us know how it works for you!



Thrilled about this new feature - been eagerly awaiting it - thank you!! However, when I subscribe to the calendar using either Google Calendar or my iPhone, all appointments sync but are off by an hour. All timezones are appropriately set to Eastern as far as I can tell. Anyone else seeing this behavior?


I do not have the 'sharing' link. I just have 'Colors' Weekly Routine' Shecules and Internet calanders' 'Reminders' 'Time Zone'

There sharing link is just not there.


Sorry - There is also not 'Share Appointments' under Set Up. What step am I missing?


doesn't solve the problem of not being able to communicate to my 64 bit outlook. i need it to be editable.


Thank you, all is working for me using Kontact on Linux.


I do not have a "share Appointment" link either. Is it b/c i am on Mac? Seems cozi isnt very Mac friendly :(


Love this feature!! It works perfectly for us. Now my teenager can see all family commitments, plus school holidays, on her iPhone synced Yahoo!Calendar. Thank you!


great news that I can share into the apple ical and then put on my ipod.
2 issues though,
1-the appointments are all 1hr late, I'm in the UK.
2-appointments which were deleted in cozi days ago and don't appear in cozi, somehow are showing in ical.
Thanks for all you do.

Dan Loundy

I didn't have a sharing link in my Calendar settings either. I did find in the Calendar help pages, though, a link that took me to the page I wanted. That link is:

I hope this helps!

Alan Willford

Both my wife and myself are having the same issue with Cozi appointments being off by 1 hour in Google. I also tried it in Yahoo and they were all off by 1 hour too.

George V. Reilly

If you don't see the Sharing link, you can go to

A fix for the off-by-an hour appointments will be rolled out soon.

/George, Cozi Dev


I love this feature, it's really necessary if my family is going to use cozi. I'm having the same problem that my appointments are off by an hour when I share it in Google Calendar. Help!

Bryan Salek

I am moving from Outlook to the Zimbra Desktop mail client. I the shared calendar shown as well as the Outlook Toolbar still syncing appointments. My appointments in the shared calendar start 1 hour later than the same appointment sync'd with the Outlook Toolbar. My timezone settings are GMT-5 in Cozi and Zimbra, as well as on my laptop OS.


I have shared a calendar however the information does not display correctly. A recurring event is list on the proper days in Cozi but the last day of the recurring event does not appear on the Google calendar that I am shared it with. Any suggestions?


I was so excited about this feature, but when I look at my calendar my appointments are 15 hours out!! Cozi is not so good for international users. The cozi iphone app is still not in the Australian itunes store :(


Help! Send a help ticket 2 days ago but no response. Situation: I wanted to test sharing a calendar, view only, with another Cozi member. I tried it out on my computer ('share ALL'), and when I next logged in, it had created DUPLICATES of EVERY appointment in our calendar, and made each of those appointments "all". Now, even though I have 'unshared' the All account many many times, restarted, etc., the duplicate appointments are on our calendar; states they are from a shared calendar and can not be edited. I need help getting all those off our calendar!


All my appointments show up 1 hour later when syncing with Google calendar. Both are set to the same time zone (Eastern - GMT-5). Any solution?


I have been using Cozi for a few months now and when I exported my google Calendar everything was good until I needed to adjust some of the appointments from the Google Calendar. Cozi said threw a message saying it couldn't be changed in cozi so I tried changing it on the Google calendar but it didn't sync to the cozi calendar. So I tried clearing the Google link and re-adding it but this didn't work either. Is there a way to correct these entries from the google calendar once linked up to Cozi in Cozi?


Works great for me by opening in Outlook. I don't even see any appointments that are off by an hour. They all look great, other than not being able to tell who each appt is for, but that's ok. What I love about this is that this solves the one request I've had for a while, which is being able to search for appointments by keyword. Since Outlook does let you search by keyword, all of the appointments that I've imported are now searchable. Yay!


Thanks for adding this feature. Is there a way to have the remiders migrate to iCal also? Or to create the appointments in iCal and then migrate them to cozy, along with any changes? I have my fingers crossed.


I installed the tollbar without any problems but when I clicked the sync button for the first time I got the following message when asked "which family member are you?", "Sorry, we cannot connect to Cozi right now. Please close this dialog and use the Settings button on the toolbar to try again later." This has been going on for a month. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. suggestions?

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