May 13, 2011

Win an Old Navy Gift Card!

Just in time to stock up on summer sandals, swimsuits, and camp clothes for the kids, Cozi and Old Navy are giving away a $100 Old Navy gift card to two lucky winners!

Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway (For those of you with willpower, save the gift card to stock the closet for back to school.)

Either way, here is your chance to get some free cash for clothes.

To enter, click over to this article - Old Navy Giveaway: Kids' Clothes on a Budget - and add a comment with your tip for keeping the kids in clothes without breaking the bank. (Don't add your comment to the article you are reading right now, only comments added to Old Navy Giveaway: Kids' Clothes on a Budget will be counted.)

Thanks and good luck!


Becky F.

I buy off season clothes from the clearance rack in a size larger so my kids can wear it when the season comes around again.


I shop consignment children's clothing in the off season which is even cheaper than retail clearance. I too just buy it a size bigger for the next year, but I can get clothes for a quarter!

Erin Akau

If you are part of a parenting group, suggest clothing swap day. This is great if your group is sports related and you can exchanges with other parents outgrown seasonal wear.

Frank L

My wife does a great job of buying off season clearance and just buying larger sizes.


I shop consignment for play clothes and shop off season for seasonal items!


I pulled my daughter into making this successful. At 10 years old, she gets to be involved in picking out her clothes and learning about budgets.

We make a list of what she needs a few times a year. Then I buy gift cards from a couple of stores, a discount store and a popular girls clothing store.

Then we go shopping, but she's in charge. I help her keep up with how much what she's pulling will cost. We discuss what she can get and possibly should get at the other store.

She can't go over unless she's going to pay for it. I think she went over by less than $5 dollars. And she is the one who reminded me to bring the coupons for the girls clothing store. And she suggested waiting until some of the things she liked went on sale.


We make a list of what is neeeded after we try on last year's clothes. When we shop, we start early and at places that have had good sales just as the school year ends. For example, my son's pants are much cheaper in the spring at Old Navy. Just buying pants ahead of time can save you 50% on those items!


I buy and sell a lot of the boys' clothes online through a group of other moms of triplet boys - and I only buy retail during sales!

Kristine Lancette

I look for newer pants and dresses at garage sales and only go to sales I find featured in our online newspaper that feature name brand/newer clothing in my kids' sizes. I then match up cute/stylish tops that I find at thrift stores and on clearance. I have six kids that range in age from 11 mos. to 14 years. I can usually dress them all in season with 5-7 complete outfits apiece for less than $200.

Cheryl Brim

I am constantly looking for sales and at the clearence racks. I am always on the lookout for coupons. By using a coupon when something is already on sale or can get it for practically nothing!


I got the old Navy credit card. I buy everything with it so I get the reward points that I later use to buy more clothes. I shop the clearance racks and sales. Not only at old Navy but at discount retailers like Marshalls..
The interest rate on the card is really high though, so I hooked my bank account up to the card and after I get home from shopping I go to the old Navy credit card web site and pay it off immediately. So I get the points and don't pay any interest.

Tiffany C

I have a website and you can find a ton of new clothes in my area that are almost brand new. If not around here there are tons of cosignment sales and i can get clothes little to nothing espicially on half price days just get the next size up and put back!!

Melissa Holloway

I use alot of consignment shops to resell my childrens clothes then use the credit or money earned and buy there current outfits w that money or credit. They grow so fast and I always seem to find them current styles and name brand clothes at a fraction of the cost. Very rarely do I spend out of pocket because of the money earned at the consignment.


We have a favorite consignment store that we frequent. We also buy a lot of off-season clearance clothing (usually from stores with already low-cost clothing, like target). We also receive hand-me-downs from a neighbor, and then we pass those along to another neighbor when we're done.

Another trick that extends the life of clothes is to modify them as they wear out. Jeans with holes in the knees become cute cut-offs. Pants that are too short, but still fit in the waist receive a cute strip of funky patterened fabric along the hem to easily lengthen them. A dress that is too short can be altered into a skirt.


We like to shop the bag sales at thrift stores, using what we can and trading the rest online at Listia ( or eBay, so we can purchase the things we really want.

Pammy V

I do swaps with other parents (bigger for smaller clothes & vice versa). Plus 50% off days at the Thrift Stores. Even our local dollar stores sometimes have good deals on things like T-shirts, sweatshirts, swimsuits and flip-flops in the summer, or hats, glove, slippers & scarves in the winter!


I always buy the end of season sales in larger sizes for the next year!

Joanne S

I don't buy off season because my kids are growing so fast and they never fit right. I use free cycle and will trade the kids clothing with someone else. We also shop at consignment stores or goodwill for jeans and t-shirts for school. Ebay is great for cheaper clothing and Facebook has been a great way to trade, sell or buy items from friends.


I buy off season in larger sizes and I sell my daughters gently worn clothes to resale stores and use that money to buy her new clothes. I almost never have to pay out of pocket.
I also look for coupons and discounts at clothing stores and don't buy anything new without a coupon or discount.


Currently, I am purchasing things from our local resale shop and garage sales in the summer. If I am buying something in a store, I check online for a coupon and also try to purchase on sale or clearance.


I buy as much as I can from a local thrift Store, however I have to buy Old Navy pants for my youngest (14) as they are the only ones that fit her properly. So, for those I wait until they are on sale or I have a coupon for a percentage off my purchases from them.

Judy R

I buy things on sale mostly. I search my favorite clothing websites for the sale section and avoid full price. I use Old Navy for lots of basics. We are dressing my baby in hand-me-downs from my older son and once he out grows them, they are headed to a cousin who is pregnant with a boy.

Patricia Riley

I buy my kids coats about every two years alternating each year. I buy them just a little big and they last. Now shoes I usually wait till they are on sale or flea market I can get whole sale. I also buy from yard sales. But if I do buy new I get the ones that are adjustable in the waist. For summer time I take my daughters leggings that are too short cut them off and hem them to make shorts works with her jeans as well...and her dresses that look like long shirts end up being shirts the next year or two.


I buy the majority of my kid's clothes at the Just Between Friends consignment sale that happens twice a year. I get great clothes at super low prices. Bonus - I sell their gently used clothes and make money while blessing others. It is a win-win situation!


Our local Mother Of Twins Club has a 'gently used clothing and equipment' sale every fall and spring. It's a great way to buy clothing, toys, books, baby stuff, etc. for a fraction of the price in the stores. Often times things are still new or have seen very little use. Club members get to sell, so we get to make a little $ while we're at it!


I watch stores to know which days are the best "sale" days and then combine those days with store coupons for the largest discount on the items I need to buy new.


Before I purchase anything online, I always search for promotional codes and coupons for discounts or free shipping.


There are so many ways ro save money when getting your child's clothes but the bet way is to have a clothing swap! Have everyone being clothes they no longer need or use and then swap, this allows you to get new clothes and spend time with your friends too. Even better do one for adult an have a fashion show. Adults an children will like it,,

Besides doing the usual sales, clearance, buying next size ip when on sale you should visit your city's consignment stores and even yard sales. I'd you do buy buy at sears doe their kid vantage coverage. There ate so many ways to save money without sacrificing your money,


I'm like most moms here. I buy off season and consignment. I also love our local Salvation Army. Can't believe the things I've found (on our Wednesday 1/2 off day) -- under armor, abercrombie, justice. I just go early, and am very discriminating. I have learned to shop winter clothes in April/May and to shop summer in Sep/Oct. This is when people are switching seasons and taking their outgrown clothes to the thrift shops.

Sharon Willis

Consignment stores! It's hard to pay full price when you can get clothing that is still in good shape for so much less. I recently found a $50 bill in the pocket of a jacket I purchased at Goodwill for $3.49. BONUS!

Kristen F

My boys were born 4 years and 2 weeks apart. They are luckily in the same seasons when it comes to sizes and clothes. This has saved me a lot of money! When I do buy clothes, I always buy off season for the next year and size and with the department store % off coupons. This really cuts down the final cost. My mom also helps me by going to the thrift and second hand stores in her area to buy jeans for the boys (because there are not many that don't have holes in the knees.) I have found that if I buy Wrangler Cowboy cut jeans though, they are worth the investment. They last twice as long as Levi's or anything else that we have tried. We have tried them all!

Cheri E.

Thrift stores and swaps with friends! Kids grow so fast that every parent has stuff that no longer fits so having a swap party each season makes sense. Don't get kids hooked on being trendy, it's a waste of money and the planets resources.


My mommy circle of friends and family. We all swap our kids clothes, toys and etc. Its great! I've had to pay for so little as far as clothing goes b/c of my girlfriends and sisters and once you've been gifted its easy to pay it forward! But when I do need to pay Costco has some great deals on dresses during holiday times and Carters clothes. I pay an average of like $7 bucks for most of the outfits I get.


I always buy after the end of the season when stores are really marking clothing down to get it out! When I make a purchase I am always certain to have my rewards card ie. Jc Pennys, Sears. etc. and use a coupon that I get from my daughter's fundraiser at school ($25 for a coupon book and I have saved at least $250 using 5 or 6 coupons of the hundreds available). I am lucky that my daughter will wear boy sneakers and I get to pass them to her ever growing brother.

I get most of my daughter's clothing at garage sales. The best part of that is if she gets something dirty, it never bothers me since I've only paid $1 for it. I also pick up items on Freecycle, at Goodwill, and from neighbors. I only buy a couple items a year at retail stores.


We receive hand-me-downs from a neighbor, and then we pass those along to another neighbor when we're done.

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