May 24, 2011

More Tips for Using Cozi To Do Lists

We’ve already shared some tips on taking full advantage of Cozi to do lists, like adding to do list items to your calendar and using the starter lists and planning checklists from Cozi’s List Library.

Here are few more tips for getting things done with Cozi to do lists:



  • As soon as you remember something you need to do, but can’t accomplish right away, add it to your master to do list. Bonus: Use the Cozi app on your mobile phone to jot down a task whenever and wherever you think of it.


  • Overwhelmed by a long list of to dos that never seems to end? Prioritize your list with time-based headings. One idea: create TODAY, THIS WEEK, and LATER headings within your master list. (Remember that if you enter a list item in all caps, it will appear as a heading in your list.) Then drag and drop your to do items under the right heading. Now your list isn’t so daunting.

  • Spend time at the beginning of each day or once a week to re-prioritize the list and select which tasks to tackle that day. What works for you? One? Two? Five?


  • Add a date to a to do list item and it will magically appear on your calendar as an extra reminder. For example, if you need to sign up for swimming lessons on a specific day or else your child won’t get a spot, add “Sign up for swim lessons 6/6” and the item will show up on that calendar day!

  • Send the entire list to your phone. Or, send it to a family member to get it done ;).

  • If your kids like using Cozi (smart kids!), create morning routine and bedtime routine lists or a chore list. Let Cozi remind them to brush their teeth and make their bed.

More ways to use to do lists

  • Forgot to renew your driver’s license this year? Waited too long to schedule your kids’ physicals to be beat the summer rush? For those appointments that don’t occur on a specific date each year (and therefore aren’t on your calendar), but need to happen in a specific month each year, create a to do list with category headings (all caps, remember?) for each month, i.e., JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, etc. 

  • Don’t limit your use to only things you need to do. Cozi lists are great for packing lists (no more getting to the hotel and realizing your forgot your swimsuit and sunglasses), resolutions (sorry, you won’t be able to use the excuse of forgetting what they were come April), books you’d like to read, ideas for your upcoming remodel, and more!

How do you use Cozi to do lists to get things done?



Hi. I've been using cozi for a little bit now, but there are some features that are missing that would really make this the BEST list manager.. How do we suggest improvements to cozi?


I can't figure out how to drag item in Todo list. Any suggestion?

Cozi News

Leona, If you are using Cozi on your computer:
- Hover the item until a hand appears
- Click and drag to the spot you want.
If you are using the phone apps:
- Tap on Clean up/Reorder list and the list will reappear will bars at the right
- Tap on the bars and drag the items wherever you want.
That's it!
Laura, Please feel to suggest here OR even better, tell us on the Cozi Facebook page at Thanks!
Carol at Cozi


Have tried the method above, and cannot get a hand to appear to drag list items to new places. How can I do this?


I do not get the hand for drag & drop when I hover over item. I can't organize my "to do", "wish" or "shopping" lists. It would be helpful. Please advise. Thank you.


I had the same problem, Cathy and Leona. I was in Internet Explorer and did not get the hand and could not drag items. But when I switched to FireFox, the hand appeared and I could drag. Try bringing up Cozi in Firefox and see if that works for you...Hope that helps!

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