May 20, 2011

Love your weekly agenda email on Sundays? Now you can send updates any day!

Weekly agenda emails from Cozi are a great way to get your family on track for the week ahead. You can arrange for everyone in your account to receive one each week.

Weekly Agenda By popular demand, we have now added a way for you to send updates to your family as your schedule changes during the week. Maybe a rained out game has now been rescheduled for Thursday afternoon, or the family’s been invited to a barbeque on Friday night. Just make your schedule changes in Cozi, and send out new agenda emails to anyone or everyone in your family.

Here's how:

  • Sign into your account and click on Settings on the left side of your homepage.
  • From there, click on Email notifications.
  • Click on the 'Send update' link beside the person to whom you'd like to send the update.
  • Add a message, or just send the agenda with the default message.

That's it!

The updated agendas will show all the week’s appointments in your family calendar, with past appointments grayed out for reference, and upcoming appointments in dark print. The new agenda will be labeled as an update to avoid confusion with earlier versions of the schedule. Plus, you can now send a message along with the agenda email to explain any changes to the person receiving it.



it would be nice if you had a choice to auto send an update. so when i make an update during the current week it just automatically sends out an email. you ccould have a button on the appointment box that you click"send update" and mark who you want it to be sent to. etc. otherwise its multiple steps to go throughl


Oh Yes I agree
Im already having trouble getting my husband on board with Cozi, although I know it'd help us!
He already gets SOOOO many text/emails that sending the Entire calender (day, week, month) everytime there is a change would mean he'd begin to ignore and not read b/c overloaded


ok, im very new to cozi but i immediately find it quite useful. im still playing around with it though. im discovering new stuff everytime.


I update my family calendar on Sunday afternoon. It would be helpful to be able to choose the day and time the weekly agenda gets sent.


I'm new to Cozi and love it but I would like to use it to keep my tech-oriented teenage kids on board with a chore list. It should be a todo list that sends reminders when due as well as confirmations when completed. I've tried adding them as recurring scheduling items, just changing the person it applies to each week but it is cluttering up the calendar. Any suggestions?

kristi winsor

Love the site! One thing that wold be very helpful is to be able to have multiple to do lists open at a time - so you can see your daily, weekly, monthly, or kids list at one glance. Thanks for all you do!


that's a great feature to add! I was just thinking that would be a nice addition.

waiting for small homescreen widget :)


I'm new to Cozi but already love it. I have a busy family and we love the mobile phone apps and the Cozi desktop feature (I use this on my work PC).


I'd love the ability to choose to only send a certain persons calendar out in the weekly agenda - for example, just send my husband the items that pertain to him without my schedule or my kids schedule cluttering up the things he needs to pay attention to. Just the option to choose which calendars to send to which person in the weekly agenda would be great!!

Cozi News

Cindy, I don't have any suggestions for you , but you bring up an excellent point. I'm going to share this with the team and see if we can come up with a solution.
Cara and Suz, Thanks for your suggestions; I'll be sure to pass them along!
Carol at Cozi

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