May 17, 2011

Check Out This Nifty Meal Planning Mini-Feature You Can Use Right Now

What's the biggest drag about meal planning? You got it, finding new ideas!

So you check out new recipes on the internet, bookmark them, but often forget to go back and make them, right?! Well, we've got just the fix:

For Firefox and Chrome browsers:

  • Drag the blue link below (that says "Add to Cozi Calendar") to your browser's toolbar. (This means the little section at the top near your URL bar.) Add to Cozi Calendar
  • It will place a little icon on your toolbar that says "Add to Cozi Calendar"
  • For Chrome browsers, you may need go to Tools and select "Always show bookmarks bar" before you drag the link to your toolbar.

For Internet Explorer browsers:

  • Right click on the blue link:  Add to Cozi Calendar
  • Choose “Add to Favorites”
  • If you get a security warning, say Yes. Don’t worry, we won’t introduce any malicious software
  • In the Add a Favorite dialog, choose Favorites Bar in the “Create In” field
  • Now it’s on the Favorites list.

Now you can navigate to a recipe page - any recipe page. Once you find a recipe you like, click on the icon or item in your favorites list, "Add to Cozi Calendar/Add to Calendar" and it will pull up your Cozi calendar and let you pick a date to add that recipe name and link info.


Try it right now.

Here's the link to drag (don't click, just drag) one more time.

Add to Cozi Calendar

Please come back and tell us how it worked out!



Thank you for this! This is exactly what I was looking for in meal planning... now take that one step further and add the items in the recipe to your shopping list!

Jennifer Monroe

It works beautifully! A link (not clickable) appears in the comment section of the calendar entry. Yay! So happy with this. Thank you!


Is there any way to add this to another toolbar ex yahoo? I don't use the bookmark toolbar & normally hide it.


does not work with safari.


ok never mind I got it to work.


i cant get it to work. will not drag.


It worked!
It worked!

How awesome!!
Thanks, Cozi people!


I can't get the link to drag and drop to my toolbar.


Worked great. I did it on Firefox. Yeah! Thanks so much.


This will not drag. What is the secret?


I cannot drag it anywhere. It isn't working for me. I even unlocked my toolbars and nothing.


this wont drag for me


ok i downloaded firefox and now it drags. if you could get it to drag for internet explorer that would be great


I couldn't drag this with explorer. Has anyone found out how to do this?


Thank You for listening and solving my dilemma. Nice work!


hi i've managed to get the button on my toolbar but can't get it to import the recipe details into cozi. just keep getting the page not found message. any suggestions? thanks


When I tried it with the link provided in the "Internet Explorer" instructions, it didn't work (when I clicked on the link on the Favorites Bar it said the link was broken). However, when I deleted that link and redid the process with the link at the end of the post, the one after the picture of the toolbar, it worked great!

I love it!!


I can't get it to work with my Chrome. I drug the "Add to Cozi Calendar" to my tool bar and clicked on it but it takes me back to this page. It also puts it in my calendar as an appointment but when I click on it, it takes me back to this page. I would LOVE to get this feature working. Any suggestions?

Brooke Soxman

Goes to a broken link :(


I got "add to calendar" to my favorites bar, but when I used it I got "this link appears to be broken". The message referred to "sanitize cozi link".


I got it too work, just wish the link it places on the calendar was clickable.

Tatum Cameron

Works great! Now if you could figure out how to add all those ingredients to shopping lists, you would indeed be geniuses!


That's cool, but I'd rather see a place to store recipes on Cozi and have the bookmarklet store finds there.


We've updated the link to use for Internet Explorer browsers. Sorry for the confusion!

IE users: Please remove the link you added previously and try again.


Please make this work with safari!!


Works Great! Love this idea. (I use IE 9)


SO cool! Thank you!!

I use Safari and just had to save/drag the link to my menubar and it works!

If anyone uses InstaPaper, it's like that - just click on it and you'll automatically be brought to your Cozi calendar with the link already included for you to adjust when you want to use that recipe.

Thanks!! I use Cozi for meal planning and this saves a step to have to copy/paste the recipe link into my calendar.


Thank you for this new feature. I second those that request a clickable link on their calendar!


This is awesome! It works great!!! Thanks a lot!!!


I don't understand what I am doing wrong, but it just adds an event to my calendar... Not very cool at all. Does this not work because I use safari? Can someone explain this?


I use Chrome and am having the same problem as others---it will not drag to the toolbar


I can't get this to work either. it won't drag to my google toolbar and I also can't click on the link in the calendar. I have it in my favorites though, is that all I'm supposed to be able to do??
Also, how do you get it to post to a different day in the calendar? so far it will only go in today's spot.


In Mozilla, you need to have your Bookmarks Toolbar showing. Drag it to your Bookmarks Toolbar.


However, I cannot get this to work at all. I won't add the recipe. I don't know if it's my version of Firefox (4.0.1), or some of my add-ons. I am trying to trouble-shoot by disabling add-ons, but no luck so far. :(


works like a charm! Very cool!


I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. I use Firefox. When I drag and drop the link gets put in my bookmarks. Then I went to and tried to add a recipe to my cozi calendar. I clicked on the link and it brought up "add to cozi calendar on the left side of the page, which could not be expanded. It's not clear what to do. Am I missing something?


I have firefoix ad after a few tries I got it to work. Very cool.


So we have a recipe, then we have to bookmark it, then we have to click on it and click on the add to cozi calendar icon, then we have to pick a date to use it, then when that date comes we have to copy and past it in the url, then we open it? Seems like a lot of work to me? Am I doing it correct?


It was hard to make a Cozi link in Firefox, but I finally did it. It is neat! One question, will there ever be a way for me to enter my recipes from my MS Word into Cozi (or is there something already?)


Now it's not working. I am trying to paste a link from into the link but it won't do it. Is it only for certain websites?

Paula Morgan

cannot get it to work. I am using FireFox.

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