April 07, 2011

How to get your spouse (or partner) to check Cozi

Ok, I admit it. My husband was a slow adopter of Cozi. He thinks the family calendar is *my* job and just wants me to tell him what's going on.

But since the vow is "in sickness and in health" and not "as your personal assistant", I came up with a plan.

First, I added him to the weekly agenda email (instructions for doing this below). So, every Sunday night, he gets an email with everything we have on deck for that week.

Next, I did something a little sneaky. I went down to my husband's computer (the family computer really, because my laptop is off-limits!) and I set up Cozi as the HOME PAGE on his browser. Now, whenever he opens it, Cozi pops right up. He doen't even have to log in!

Does he check it every time? Of course not. But he looks WAY more now than ever before. It's a start.

Want to do the same thing? Here's how:

To add someone to the weekly agenda email:

  • Login to Cozi
  • Click on your Calendar
  • Click Settings (in the left column)
  • Click Email reminders
  • Choose who you want to get a weekly email of the family agenda
  • If you make changes and need to resend it, just click Send Update next to the person's name.
  • Click Done

To set Cozi as your Home Page

  • Login to Cozi
  • Click Settings (far left column)
  • Click the option to mak eCozi your home page (at the bottom)
  • Drag the link to your browser home button
  • Log out
  • Click the Home button to pull up Cozi
  • Enter your login info and click  "Remember me" (This was he/she will be automatically logged in to cozi every time)

That's it!

Come back and tell me if it helped! ^Carol




My hubby is of the "tell me what I need to know" type and I may have to do this for him. But, personally speaking, setting Cozi as my homepage was the single best thing I've ever done for being organized. Now I always know what's going on.


You can also set Cozi to run on Startup (Windows). Copy the Cozi executable file to C:\Documents and Settings\(Your Username)\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


My husband actually came up to me and thanked me for using Cozi to improve communication of our various schedules so that "everyone is on the same page". Just receiving the texts helped him. I will also send him the weekly agenda. Thanks, Cozi!


Worked a treat, didn't even have to wait until he was away from the PC, showed him what it was and he loved it. Really liked the idea of being able to add to the shopping list via his mobile phone when he was out walking the dog.


Thanks for the tips.

Kris Kelsay

My husband actually initiated Cozi for our family and has gotten both our kids and I using it.

Shantelle Fisher

This really works - this is what I did too :)


I have been using Cozi for a little over a month now. I love it! My kids hate getting their to do lists via text, but they hate any to do's! Cozi has really helped to organize our family! Thanks!


I added the mobile link to my husband's phone (and mine) so now he can click on it anytime he wonders why there's no one home. Brilliant!


I send my hubby the calendar every Sunday and he thinks it is clutter. But I started menu planning as my new years resolution and decided to add the week's menu. Last night he commented that he really liked knowing what was for dinner and this was the greatest thing ever....the way to a man's heart...right?


When my hubby got his new phone, I set a bookmark on the main page to Cozi. Now when someone asks him what he has going on a particular day he just hits one button to open the mobile site. Great!!!

Brooke Soxman

My husband doesn't use a computer, but we do have iPhones. Everytime he tried to schedule a man-date it seemed I had trumped with girlfriend time. All it took was a shoulder shrug and 'well, if you want to reserve a date, put it in the Cozi.' I saw him download the app that night :) I've been using Cozi for 4 years now, and it's been awesome to see how far you've come. I especially love that as soon as I hang up the phone or click on an email, I'm on Cozi putting in the appointment.


I have to say, Cozi rocks! Thanks for the tips.

I also print the week and the month each sunday and put it on the fridge because my wife is not really into the computer. I know, it's not the way it's supposed to work, but it helps remind her to post changes to the caledar so I print out a new calendar!


It's so nice to be able to have all our family on-goings in one place. My husband and I both get the weekly agenda emails and it has helped us both be on the "same page" with our family activities! Thanks!

Robert Merrill

We started using Cozi because my wife got an iPhone and I have an Android phone--its the best cross-platform shared task list I have found.

But important to this thread (how to get others to use Cozi more) I have installed the Cozi Screensaver (over at http://cozicentral.cozi.com/downloads/ ) on our computers. It shows photos that we choose from our computers AND our agenda for the day right on the screen.

I actually think this would be an INCREDIBLE "family homepage" for a tablet or even ipad? How about a cozi download for the Wii that puts my family's photos on the big screen and the kids can click-off their tasks from there!??

bonus tip: use Dropbox to share folders of photos across computers, and tell Cozi screensaver to pull photos from that/those shared folder(s). Then your screensaver stays fresh and fun! I love having the screensaver on at work to show off my awesome family!


My husband might use it at the office if it didn't have the "fly"-lady all over the screen (plus other advertisements). We would gladly pay for a "no-advertisement" version of Cozi (just like the iPhone app offers).


I think this calendar is great. My partner and I live 40 miles apart but spend weekends together. It is almost impossible to synchronise our calendars and this is definitely the answer. Cozi, please, please, please can you make the android and iphone apps available in the U.K. It would solve a whole load of problems for us!


This is the ONLY calendar my bf will look at! If its on the wall its non-existent to him! I love this app! Even have the older kids adding their own activities to it.. Fantastic!!


I love the desktop tool. I loaded it on both of the computers and even on my husbands computer account. We use it to track when bills are due, so no one can say "I thought you paid it" it has really helped us to stick to our budget.


My husband and I use Google calendar sharing (a built in feature of our android phones) to see each other's work calendars, kids' school schedules, family church events, and I'm working on putting menu planning into the mix, too. As this system is already set up and we're new to Cozi, I sure would love to be able to populate our Cozi calendar with imported Google calendar events.


I set my wife up on cozi. Then i got her a syncing calendar phone.
To bad I can't get cozi appointments to go to my phone/google account. Still looking.


I would cheerfully pay for a premium subscription to avoid the advertisements. When will this be available?

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