April 21, 2011

Add To Do List Tasks To Your Calendar

Did you know you can add a to do list task to your calendar? Just add a numerical date to a task on your to do list, and it will automatically be added to your calendar.

Dated To Do ListsFor example, if sending in your son's summer camp registration form is on your list of things to do by next Monday, just add 4/25, 4/25/11 or 4/25/2011 to the item on your list, and you’ll see it appear on your calendar for Monday. It will be labeled as a TO DO item, and appear above your other appointments, without an assigned time.

To do list items with dates in the upcoming week will have the dates highlighted in yellow on the to do list. If the due date comes and goes without the task being completed, the date will remain on your to do list, but will no longer be highlighted. To add the task to another date, just adjust the date in your to do list.

To help you identify who is in charge of the task, the color dot assigned to the item on the calendar will be the color of the list's owner. With this in mind, you could keep separate to do lists for each family member, assign dates to certain items in each list, and have those items appear in the calendar, assigned to the correct person. 

A couple of things to note:

  • Since these tasks will be imported to your calendar from your to do list, they aren’t edited in your calendar. Any editing of the item or the date is done directly in the to do list.
  • Clicking the calendar item takes you back to the do list that contains the task.
  • Reminders can’t be added to these tasks, since they’re not appointments. If you need reminders for your tasks, you could consider adding them to your calendar as appointments.
  • If you use the send-to-phone feature for your calendar data, dated to do list items won’t be included.

We hope that you'll find this dated to do list feature helpful in keeping your important tasks visible in your online calendar.



AWESOME! This will be great for non-time specific items. One suggestion though...it would be ultimately cool if the to-do's would automatically roll forward on the calendar each day until they were checked off (as completed).

Cozi Blog

Jo, Thanks for the feedback, and for the great suggestion! I will pass it along! I'm not sure if it's technically feasible, but I can certainly see how it would a useful addition to the feature. Thanks!^Marian


It may work for other folks, but what about for those of us who want to indicate the date a "to do" item is ADDED to the list? Your new system sees it as a due date rather than a commencement date for the project or task.


What a great feature! If it counts for anything, I also agree with Jo on the suggestion to have to-do items roll forward on your calendar until you complete them. It's a constant (and much needed) nudge for you to do what you're supposed to do when it keeps showing up. But what a nice addition! And thanks for listening to our ideas.


This is awesome! Thank you! I am switching over from using ToDoist.com, and a feature they have that is helpful is a recurring date/day for to-do tasks. So far I've been using the recurring appointment feature for this in Cozi, but it would be nice for me to have a list of my tasks I do each Friday show up as To-Dos instead of appointments. To do this, in ToDoist, instead of a specific date, we enter "every Friday" and it will give us an option to choose "forever" or an ending date. If you could add this to the ability to add a specific date to our to do list items, that would make it even better. I really like Cozi better than ToDoist, but there are a few things ToDoist continues to be better for. I love the way you guys listen to our suggestions and figure out ways to make them happen, and I hope to be using Cozi exclusively in the future!!!


Sounds great. Will it sync with outlook? I use the outlook sync feature with calendar items. I'd like the same functionality with tasks.


This is a great addition, but the ability to have reminders attached to TO DO items would really make this useful. I also agree with the others who would like to see the TO DOs roll over until complete. THANKS for listening!

Barbara Girdlestone

I think this is a great idea.


What about for re-occuring tasks, can I add a task that will relist its self every monday for example?


Would also like a way to create recurring to do's. Like on Flylady's list, every Monday is vacuuming and so on. With my regular everyday jobs, I like to mark them off but then I have to enter them again the next day or week.


I think this feature is great, but would also like to be able to set things in my to do list to recur. I have certain tasks that need to be done weekly and want them in my to do list not as a calendar appointment.


I like this new feature but the to do items do not appear when I print my calendar. Can this be changed so I only have to print 1 list rather than 2?

Many thanks,


It would be nice if the to-dos showed up on the calendar widgets.


I am just starting to use Cozi coming from using Google for everything, including having an android phone. I agree with the others that Cozi to do list NEEDS the ability to have items recur. I have several tasks that have to be done monthly like calling my sons Dr to have new scripts written for his meds. Having Cozi set up with recurring tasks is a must. What is the point of a to do list if you have to remember to add it?.


I really like the To-Do Lists but I have to agree with most posters. It would be nice if we could set recurring items (such as those from the Fly Lady lists) into the calendar. Thank you!


I agree with others...I really would like to be able to have recurring to do lists (such as Fly Lady) so I can check items off daily and have a fresh list for the next day


I have to agree! We own a home business and the ability to add recurring to-do items would be a huge benefit!


I post my recurring to do's (such as chores) on the calendar under my name as an appointment.Maybe that will help?


What happened?!--My complete ToDo list used to be on my Cozi home page. And in a columnar format on the right side of the page, (which was much easier-to-read than the way it appears when I specifically GO to "To Do List.") But it disappeared!-- My complete
personal To Do list isn't listed on my Cozi Home Page anymore. How can I get it to back to where it automatically shows up on my Cozi home page like before?


Our family has been using Cozi for a month now, and we're lovin' it!

I tried out what you're talking about -- I added dates to a few of the items on my to-do list, and sure enough, they showed up on the calendar. Awesome! However, a little later in the day, I was checking my calendar on my phone, and saw that all of the dated to do tasks had disappeard from my calendar. (I checked, and yep, they were still on the to-do list, and still dated.) So, why did they disappear from the calendar? Would love to use this feature, but my dated to-do's need to stay put so I can see them and be reminded! Please advise.


I added a date to items in my To Do list, but they still don't show on my calendar.


It's my fault the To Do items didn't appear on my calendar. I entered April dates instead of May dates. It works now.

Abhijit Sett

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Anyone know how to drag the items on todo list? I tried but it doesn't work for me

Trevor Peck

Recurring to-do's are a must have! A check box for recurring appointments would be enough, but calendar linked to-do lists with recurrence would be awesome!

But even more importantly, how did the comments on this blog post start two months before this blog post? If seeing into the future is an option with Cozi, could you please enable that on my account? Thanks.

- Trevor.


Can anyone explain how to click and drag in the to do list or the shopping list. I have tried the normal way but it does not seem to work


I am SO GLAD I found this article...I really wanted to put dates on my to do list so they would show up on my calendar, I just didn't realize how easy it was! Thanks!

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