March 04, 2011

5 Websites to Help You Figure Out What to Eat

This week a popular website called Babble announced it's top 100 food mom bloggers. It's a comprehensive list of the mom blogger food sites that have managed to catch the Babble editors eye. Yippee. Not.

See, while this sounds good in theory, most busy parents don't have time to check out 100 of anything. Even if it's something they really want to know about.

That's why when we were working on our own best of web list, Cozi limited the pickings to just FIVE sites that busy families should check out. We call them Cozi Family Faves, and you can find them right here. And, we'll be making new selections every month of sites that help families in different ways.

This month is all about food. Here are our picks:

  • Easy, practical, all-American fare by the fabulous Cooking With Caitlin, a professional chef and caterer -- and mom of 2 -- who puts together recipes with families in mind.
  • A tiny blog called Chinese Soul Food that'll end the mystery of all those sauces in the "ethnic" aisle of the grocery store, and turn them into ingredients you'll use to whip up dinner in 20 minutes or less.
  • A budget-oriented food site called $5 Dinners that watches your pocketbook like nobody's business, and does it with food that looks and tastes like it costs a million bucks.
  • A food blog called A Southern Fairy Tale that will transport you with amazing flavors and photos (and possibly have you planning your next vacation to the Gulf Coast before you know it).
  • A whole new approach to cooking where you learn to cook A LOT on one big day, leaving you free to carry on your busy life and not have to cook for up to a whole month. This great idea -- and recipes to help you do it -- is all explained on Once a Month Mom.

Are there tons more good food sites out there on the internet? Of course! There are much bigger, more famous sites too, like Allrecipes, Epicurious, and Pioneer Woman. But we figured you already know about those.

Watch for new Cozi Family Faves regularly, where we'll focus on a new theme each time -- getting organized, living green -- pretty much anything a busy Cozi family might need. We'll try to surprise you each time, with blogs, sites and ideas you might not hear about anywhere else.

Got some faves of your own? Leave 'em here in the comments and we'll be sure to check them out.




I can't believe you didn't include E-mealz in your list!!! For $5/month you get a weekly shopping list and companion menu with recipes! I LOVE IT!!! (And no, I don't work for them. I just LOVE the company!!!)

Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

YAY! Thank you! xoxoxoxo


I agree with Britany! has got it going on! I've subscribed for years, and it has revolutionized the way I shop, cook, and eat. A plan for every family! And I don't work for them either. :)


I agree EMEALZ are awesome!!


I LOVE e-mealz too! I use the Points System to help stay on a healthy track. Hope to see a link to it soon on the Cozi homepage.


E-Mealz is the best!!


Last week, I was just thinking - there's so many sites to go through! What a great help!


Hi everyone, Carol from Cozi here. We will actually do a separate list of Fave meal planning tools in the future, so thanks for letting us know how much you love emealz.Stay tuned!


I use Relish. It's great!


Yes, Please include E mealz!!!!!


I am ALSO a big fan of E-mealz! Thanks!

Krystal L

I love the new features on I just signed up for the membership because it allowed me to build my menu for the week, added all the ingredients to a shopping list, and I can create my own recipes to add to it as well. Love Love Love it!


I just started using e-mealz, though Saving Dinner seems good too. Love allrecipes for when I want to cook something specific like the World's Best Lasagna.


check out The Food Nanny at
This site "the food nanny" is wonderful and so helpful, her recipes are yummy and simple too (my daughter loves using them for her family of 6). The food nanny is all about the importance of family dinner time together, having fun, and keeping costs down.


a little more info on the food nanny, ITS FREE!!! and it has meal plans, recipes, everything you want. FREE!!!


Thanks so much for these great links! I live in Texas, so enjoyed finding the Texas mom site. I usually eat pretty light and local, so when I clicked on one site's links and ended up on Cookus Interruptus. com, I was in heaven. My favorite new site! A funny cool site focusing on cooking "fresh local organic whole foods despite a busy schedule". Lots of videos, entertaining...I think this site should be the next one on the list.

Jessi @ Quirky Cookery

I've gotta agree...100 of anything is just too much to go through. I really want to check out the whole thing, but it simply won't happen. Of the 5 you chose, I already subscribe to 3, so much more manageable to me. Thank you!

Phill Wheel

Thank you for the links. I'm fed up of cooking the same meals every week... Time for a change.

Yvette B.

E-mealz up and canceled their Points menus without any notice to their current subscribers. They are switching it with a "portion control" menu, which I'm sure is fine for most people, but isn't helpful in tracking points. I asked customer service if they would consider posting nutritional information, so that I could calculate points on my own, but they were rude and condescending. I canceled my subscription.

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