February 12, 2011

When You Share Cozi, You Share the Love!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Here at Cozi, we want to help families have better relationships with each other. And we think you can help.

Take a moment this Valentine's Day to share the love by sharing Cozi.

Familyhearts300When is the last time you told a friend about Cozi? You must know someone who could use Cozi: a sister with three active kids, a neighbor with a spouse who has a crazy schedule, a parent at school who is juggling a million things.

Take a moment today to share your insider scoop about Cozi and how it can help families get organized and communicate better: Share Cozi on Facebook

How will sharing Cozi share the love? Well it turns out that by helping organize and communicate the what, when and where of daily life, Cozi gives families more time to focus on the good stuff. The fun. The love ♥

Better Communication = Love

  • One of the first things we hear from couples who start using Cozi is how easy Cozi makes it to communicate the schedule.
  • "I'm one of Cozi's biggest fans. Just can't stop raving about it to family and friends. Very rarely do I come across websites and/or productivity apps where I make use of all the tools provided. And when EVERYONE in the family is using the program, you know it's a good one!" --Joann LB
  • More than half (51 percent) of parents agree or strongly agree that the degree to which they successfully communicate strongly impacts their sex life.*

Less Time Spent on Mundane Details = Love

  • Among parents, the most common reason for talking with the spouse throughout the day is to notify each other of a change in schedule or a child's schedule. The least common reason? Saying "I love you" and making romantic plans.*
  • Married parents estimate that about half or more than half of their time with their spouse is spent talking about family logistics.*

Less Nagging = Love

  • "My husband suggested (using Cozi) so i don't have to "remind" him! Love it! (works for the irritating question of "whats' for dinner" too!" --CHJ

Love = Love

  • "I am a little embarrassed about how much and how deeply I have fallen in love with Cozi!" --Jen
  • I just wanted to add that I love the Cozi Family Calendar! It's the ONLY online and mobile app that everyone in my family likes to use. I got my hubby to try it out and he loves it! Now my sister's whole family is on board, too!"

*The Cozi Relationship Survey was conducted online in the United States by Zoomerang on behalf of Cozi from January 26, 2011 – January 30, 2011, among 260 U.S. married adults ages 18+

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