February 08, 2011

What's New with Cozi Android and iPhone Apps?

Do you love having Cozi in your pocket?

Get ready to love it EVEN MORE, with some sweet upgrades to both the Cozi iPhone app and the Cozi Android app, starting with this cool calendar widget you can see on the right.

What's new on your phone?
iPhone Cal_Smaller_Widget

  • a new navigation home page
  • speedier performance
  • bug fixes


  • a calendar widget
  • a shopping list widget
  • speedier performance
  • bug fixes

So, go to the App store or Marketplace and download these souped-up versions of Cozi today. And, while you're there, we sure would appreciate if you would please RATE THE APPS, so everyone else will know how Cozi helps with organizing your family.

Not sure how to access your widgets? Go here to learn how to download the Android device widgets.


Cozi for iPad and Android tablets!

Cozi_Home_IPad It gets better! 

In addition to the upgrades, there is now a Cozi app for the iPad AND a Cozi app for Android tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy), so you can track your family calendar, to do lists, shopping lists and more --  in views optimized for your favorite tablet device.



Got a Blackberry?

We know it feels like you've been waiting FOREVER. But we are now on track to release the app for Blackberry Blackberry by early summer.

Want it FASTER? Here's how you can help:

Go to the Blackberry Facebook page and tell them how much you LOVE Cozi and how much your are looking forward to getting that app.

And if you have a Twitter account, send a tweet to @BlackBerry saying the same thing: "Hey @Blackberry. Sure can't wait to get my Cozi on my phone." Or something like that...

(Shhhhh you didn't hear this from me.)

 Got any questions about getting Cozi on your favorite tech gadget? Leave it here and we'll do our best to help you out! ^Carol



Yay! A widget, but can I cusomize the colors to match my phones theme? Or maybe make it transparent?. Love the alerts too, and easy shopping list too!

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Oh that calendar widget is gonna be useful for me, and my mom's gonna be really happy when she learns that she can now have the Cozi app for her iPad. :)

Holly Hoffman

HI! By any chance is Cozi considering adding a notepad/sticky note apps addition? I'm constantly saying "I need to remember.... for today" It's not an appt., not a journal entry and it does not really fit the "to Do" lists. I don't really want to many different systems. I need to keep it simple.


How about Cozi web access for non-smart phones...I can web surf on my phone, but it's not an iphone, droid or BB...and I can't get Cozi's mobile website to come up on it :-(


Are there any plans for a task list widget? Or incoporating the tasks into the calendar? I need my to do list to be right in my face for me to remember what's on it, otherwise I'd need to put 'look at to do list' on my to do list...


This is a great addition! I have one question -- In the picture it shows a "To Do" item in the calendar. How do I do that? I like that feature.


How do I get the calendar widget to work? I downloaded the premium version, but I don't see instructions on how to get started. Help, please! I love Cozi!


Thanks for the comments and questions! Here are some answers:
Daisy and Holly-It's not currently possible to customize the colors, and we don't yet have plans for a notes app. I'll pass along the suggestions!
Stephanie and Jenn- To add to do tasks to your calendar, please add a date to the item in your to do list. It will then be added to the calendar for that date, and will show up as a to do item in your widget.
Erica- On Android phones, the widget isn't immediately noticeable, but once you've downloaded the app, the widget should be listed in the widgets section under "available widgets".
I hope this helps! Thanks!^Marian


I switched from google's calendar to cozi, because I couldn't get the events that I entered on my phone to show up on my pc when I would go to my calendar. So far I am really enjoying my new cozi calendar. The only thing that I would love to see come out for my cozi calendar would be a monthly and weekly view for my Droid. Thank you for this great app :)


Thanks for the widget! That was the only thing that was missing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cozi. Will you be my valentine?


Will there be a app for windows phone 7 OS?

Romantic Dinner Bruges

Cool its post of phone and ipad .i like that and its smart and lovely . i just change my phone and purchase Cozi app for the iPad ....


I can't figure out how to set an alarm (sound) to remind me when I have an appointment. Is this possible or will this program just text me?


Just downloaded the iPhone app and I love it...however it looks like the only ways to get reminders are by email and by text. Since it is for the iPhone, why can't they be sent via Push message? is this something that is in the works? Thanks!


Hi there, I am a new user and am wondering if there is a way to export Cozi calendar data to ASCII to import on a blackberry?


Just posted this on the page "Go here to learn how to..." & posted here to make sure I could come back & see an answer if possible! :-)

Just added the 2x3 calendar widget to my Droid Incredible. Looks nice! Like it. Glad y'all were able to do that! If y'all can possibly make the smallest shopping list size 2x3 instead of 3x3, then we might be able to have the calendar & shopping list side by side, which I think could be even more productive/efficient. Don't know how it might drain my battery, though.


How about an app for the Windows phone?


iTunes won't allow me to purchase the Cozi app using my UK iTunes account. Very disappointing. Any chance UK cozi users could have the app too?


I love this app. Even my family thinks it is great. One request a widget for the to do list would be great. I need my to do list more than anything.

bejamin kim



Thanks alot of the widget! That was the only thing that was missing.

Farmersdaughter Am

I love the Cozi app for my android. I like having the widgets on my home screen but would rather see a to do list than a shopping list. Also when I change the date for a recurring appointment in calendar it gives me an error message when I try to save for just that day. If I want to change it I have to do it on the computer.


I just downloaded the Cozi app for iPad, and while it shows my family's name when I log in, none of the info is showing up. The calendar is empty. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Kathy Weatherford

Here's another vote for a Windows phone app! Really...please consider!


Please, Please, can you fix it so that we Flybabies in the UK can use Android!!!!


Are there any plans to add a To Do widget? That's really what I need the most to keep track of chores between my husband and I.


When will there be an App available in the UK?


Why can´t I download the app in Indonesia?


Here's another vote for the international availability of the apps (both iPhone and Android). Why not start with the paid versions if fitting the ad-supported version to the intl. market is too expensive?

thanks in advance



How about a TODO Widget for Android, it is the only widget missing.


Another vote for a UK version, please! I'd use it a lot more if I could access it on my phone. It seems silly that you don't do a non US version.


Need this for my Blackberry in the UK please please please!!!


Another vote for UK android app PLEASE!!! was gutted to recently purchase my first android phone only to discover the Cozi App was not available in the UK. Have been loving my Cozi calendar, but need one that has a decent android app :(

Danika Lloyd

Would LOVE a UK Cozi app! Any plans for one??


Please please please please please can we have a UK iphone app?!!!!!! Or else I'll have to move!


If you need to view a to do list on your iphone, just make a to do list in the shopping list section and then when you view it on your iphone you'll see your to do list.


please please please can this be included on the uk itunes store? this is such a fab idea...but so frustrating not to be able to use on uk iphone


Need windows mobile phone app, please. I refuse to use the cozi service until they have an app for windows phone.

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