February 16, 2011

How to Import Your Mac iCal to Cozi

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We know you love your Mac. Here at Cozi, quite a few of us love the Mac too. That's why we are excited to announce that if you've got the new, upgraded Mobile Me, connecting Cozi to a Mac iCal is a piece of cake.

Here's how to import a Mobile Me calendar right into your Cozi family calendar:

  • Open your Mobile Me Calendar at me.com
  • Immediately to the right of the calendar name is a small icon. (This is a share icon) Here's a screenshot with a red arrow showing you where to look.


  • Click it to share a public calendar. (Don't worry, the URL is so complex, it's basically invisible; No one will ever find it unless you actually share it)
  • Mobile Me will generate a URL that ends in .ics
  • Highlight that URL and click "copy" to copy it


  • Login to Cozi
  • Click on Settings (far left column)
  • Click on Calendar options (middle)
  • Click on Schedules and internet calendars (top row)
  • Scroll down and click on Internet Calendars
  • Look down to "Add an internet calendar of your own"
  • Paste the .ics URL from Mobile Me into the bar
  • Click Done!

You will now be able to see anything you enter into your Mobile Me-enabled Mac iCal, right in Cozi.

A few important notes:

Cozi will be reading a feed of your Mac iCal, but you will not be able to edit it in Cozi.  To make changes, you will need to go back to the original calendar to do it. There may also be a short time lag between adding data to your iCal and when it gets picked up by the feed. (This is the same for all internet calendar feeds.)

What do you think, pretty cool, right?

PS: How'd we figure it out? A Cozi user told us on the Cozi Facebook page (Thank you DeAnnah Miller Baker!) See... I told you it's a gold mine over there.




I was excited to try connecting my iCal on my Mobile me and I tried looking Immediately to the right of the calendar name for a small icon, but I do not see any such thing. What am I doing wrong?


I just updated the post an added a screenshot to help you find it. I hope that works!

Katie L

I'm glad you are trying to make this more MAC friendly, but what I really really want is the screensaver available for MAC! Is that in the works?

Michael Toler

This is not working for me. I generated the URL, but when I pasted it in the form I get a message that says it is not a valid calendar URL and that valid calendar URL's "end in .ics". This one does. I'll paste it below, replacing most letters with x and numbers with 1, but perhaps you can identify what the problem is from the structure of the URL. Has anyone else encountered this?


What would be ideal would be a one time import function from iCal. I'd like to me a full switch, but I have events well into the future into iCal. It would be handy to bring them in.


You guys are amazing! Followed step by step instructions and entire iCal is now in Cozi. I have been waiting for this for months! Thank you for accommodating Mac users! I have been so impressed with Cozi. I seriously don't know why anyone would use any other type of productivity app. Cozi's got it all! Thank again.

Romantic Dinner

Wow most information posting for Mac . Great idea and very nice this post..


My fiance and I are considering this option for our family calendar, however he used iCal and I would use Cozi. The events I setup on Cozi he would not see in his iCal correct? He would have to use Cozi to see them even if it is synced with his iCal?



When will I be able to go the other way and display Cozi Events in iCal/Mobile Me?


I agree with the posters wondering how to bring Cozi into iCal. I would like to "publish" my Cozi calendar such that I can read it in iCal. My family uses iCal, and it has been great, but I'd love to bring in my FlyLady info. How can I do that?


Thank you for thinking MAC. I was under the impression that Mobile ME was a paid service after the first month trial period, and that is something I'm not willing to do. Do you have a way to sync iCal with Cozi in the works that doesn't involve paying for Mobile ME?

Carol Schiller


Yes, I believe Mobile Me is a paid service, but as far as I know, that is the easiest way to turn your iCal into a readable feed.

Once, a fan did tell us she did it without paying for Mobile Me, by finding a free service that hosted her calendar. It sounded a bit complicated, but she said it worked.
^Carol from Cozi


Hi Carol - i Have been trying to add Cozy iCal URL to my Google Calendar - but I have trouble finding our cozy calendar's iCal URL so that I can add it to our Google Calendar. Can you help us out? Thanks.


I tried doing this but the only little icon to the right of the calendar is a "delete" minus sign, and that is the only option, to delete the calendar. Is there something else somewhere? I have the screen shot looking the same every other way, but i don't have a little dot, just a minus in a red dot.


O nevermind. I just upgraded the calendar and found it!


I just added a new calendar from iCal via MobileMe, but there is an old, formerly repeated, event that I have deleted on the Cozi calendar. It is not on either iCal or MobileMe and since I can't modify on Cozi there is no way to get rid of it! This could be a real problem! Any hints?


Okay...I'm really trying to figure out how to integrate my Mac with Cozi. I currently use Outlook 2011 for Mac, but I'm willing to switch to using iCal in order to sync it with Cozi. But....I attempted to set-up a MobileMe account and MobileMe is being phased out. The replacement iCloud doesn't seem to support iCal syncing. So what is your suggestion now to sync my Mac with Cozi? Help!!!

Carol Schiller

Hi Angela,
I will check out the iCloud and see if I can figure this out for you.
^Carol @Cozi

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