February 09, 2011

How to Download your Cozi Calendar and List Widgets

Cal_Smaller_Widget Cozi widgets are included when the Cozi app is installed to an Android device, but to see the widgets, you have to install them separately from the device Home page.

Unfortunately, each Android device works a little differently so you might need to poke around a bit. Here are some tips to get you started:

Look for a way to customize your home screen.

Option 1:

Sometimes there is a "+" sign somewhere on your home screen display. Other times the "+" sign will be on the device menu button next to the home, search and back buttons. Once you find it:

  • Touch the "+" (Add) button to reach the "Add to home screen" menu.
  • Select Android widgets





Option 2:

Sometimes, you have to find an empty space on your screen, and press and hold on it. Like this:

  • Press and hold on the empty space to access the "Add to home screen" context menu.
  • Select Android Widgets

Once you get to the widget lists, you will see several choices for Cozi caelndar, lists, etc. You wil also need to choose the size of your device depending on whether it's small (like a phone) or bigger (like a tablet)

Finally, to remove a widget from your device, press and hold it to select. Then drag and drop it to the trash.

If you have any questions, leave them here and we will do our best to help you!



I'm having no luck downloading the cozi app to my android in australia. Is the app available for australians?


I added the new widget. It eats battery. Is there anyway that it isnt syncing continuisly? Also i would like to be able to switch which calendars are on the screen. Can i do that? I cant seem to find any settings for the widget.

Romantic Dinner Bruges

wow Lovely its calendar and cozi application install after see widget .nice its post i like that ....


Just added the 2x3 calendar widget to my Droid Incredible. Looks nice! Like it. Glad y'all were able to do that! If y'all can possibly make the smallest shopping list size 2x3 instead of 3x3, then we might be able to have the calendar & shopping list side by side, which I think could be even more productive/efficient. Don't know how it might drain my battery, though.


I am very happy to see the widgets.

Is there any chance that you will also be doing a to-do list widget?

Thank you for all of your hard work on this ap.


I love this app, but it's eating my battery at an alarming rate. Shouldn't have to charge twice in a day just to be able to see my calendar! Seems like this app shouldn't need to be constantly syncing...other calendar apps don't. No matter how much I like cozi, I'll probably remove until this problem is addressed!


Sue, It's the widget that is eating your battery. If you delete the widget and just use the regular Cozi app, it won't affect your battery performance. I'm sorry that is not a perfect solution, but at least it's a way to keep Cozi on your phone and still keep your battery life. ^Carol at Cozi


Thanks for adding widgets and for fixing whatever caused it to kill the battery. This is making Cozi more useful. Is it possible to add scrolling to the widget? This way, users can scroll down a day or two in the widget without having to launch the app. Would be a great feature for the widget!


Need to have the ability to do things on the cozi app offline. We travel out of the country often and it is excessively expensive to connect then. It would be perfect to use the journal as a travel log but we can't save an entry if we aren't connected. Same with adding and appointment when off line. PLEASE FIX. Apps need to be functional when off line.



Couple of suggestions: I would love to see a search mode. Sometimes I need to look up an appointment & I'd love to be able to do that. Also, I wish that the day of the week & date were listed near the time of day. I usually go to my dock (Mac) & check iCal as the date is part of the icon & pops up in a flash. If you're not on the Cozi calendar page, you can't see the date & I've got a really bad short-term memory! Other than that, this is the most awesome organizer ever! Can't wait to get it on my Blackberry.

Pat Davenport

I purchased and showing I have downloaded the $5.99 Cozi - still showing advertisements.

Also - I can not find a way to download widgets - no + on screen nor will appear when press an empty spot.


I have an Android phone and just discovered cozi and the calendar widget. LOVE IT! It has been great because I have not missed an appt since having the widget on my phones home screen. My problem is, "if I can't see it, I do not remember it." Will you be making a to do list widget soon? Or is there a way to work it into my calendar widget? I have been having to use the Astrid to do list widget which does not sync to Cozi. I would love it if I can combine everything to cozi.

Jan & Kendra Beardsley

My wife set up our Cozi account at home and I connected it to my Inspire Droid. Unfortunately, I have never gotten any alarm notifications either by email or an alarm ring(preferred). Is there something I or we are doing wrong?



I like cozi, but it is using up all my data! I don't have unlimited data, which isn't a problem with most apps, because I can set how frequently they sync. Cozi needs this functionality. Syncing twice a day, once an hour, or even on demand only would be great. Also I tried sending text messages to my son's phone, but every time he got one, Cozi tried to connect him to the internet. He doesn't have a data plan, so I just want texts. Very frustrating.


Another Australian who can't install the Cozi app - "This item cannot be installed in your device's country." Is there a reason non-USA residents can't have the app or is it just an oversight?


I would LOVE to see the ability to add things to a shopping list via BARCODE scan! would help at home prepping a grocery list, or when we're out and see something that one of the kids wants added to their birthday list!


Is there any chance in the future of having an android widget that displays tasks? The only widgets I can see are shopping list, and calendar.


I live in Germany and I am also unable to install the cozi app. I am very disappointed since I already had set everything up on my computer. Are there plans to change this?

Becky May

When I set up reminders for event, the reminder is sent late. For instance, when I set a reminder 30 minutes before, the text is sent 10 min. after the event began. What do I need to do?

Thank you!


another Australia weighing in. There is demand for this here, when will the licensing allow download for us?


When can we get this in Australia??

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