February 14, 2011

Cozi's Best Kept Un-Secret

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Everyone knows how Frequent Flyer Clubs work: perks, special attention, great customer service. Who'd pass that up, right?

Well, if you haven't "Liked" the Cozi Facebook page yet, you are. Because over on our fan page we've got all that and more going on EVERY day.

Things like:

  • Insider tips on ways to use Cozi faster and easier
  • Friendly, fast, and helpful answers to questions
  • Early announcements of new features
  • Funny (ok, hilarious really) real parent conversations
  • Contests where we give away money. (Once we gave away $500 for the best dinner recipe. Twice we've given another $500 for school PTAs. And we even gave $750 to some fans to throw neighborhood block parties.)
  • Small Victory Friday (you've got to see it to believe it)

In fact, our Facebook page is SO good, we've even got quite a few fans who "like" it BEFORE they started using Cozi!

What's that? You don't check Facebook all that often? That's okay. You can come straight to our page, and don't bother checking the other stuff on Facebook  at all, if you don't want to. Because who'd give up a free pass to the Executive Suite?





I cannot access cozi for my data. I keep getting an error message. This is such a bummer since my whole month was scheduled out on the software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa, Would you please try this:
1. Log out of Cozi
2. Clear your browser cache (browsing history). If you need instructions on this, let me know.
3. Restart your browser
4. Login to Cozi
This works 95% of the time. Would you please let me know if this works for you? If not I will out you in touch with the support team so they can check your individual account. ^carol at Cozi


I came on your site today after reading all over the FlyLady page how she raves about you guys. So I figured it must be something good, I'm gonna check it out... I absolutely LOVE it!!! I have downloaded everything that I could including my droid. Who ever came up with this idea and site is a genious!

Thank You All So Much!


how do you change or delete work routine i keep getting error message.

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