January 10, 2011

Would You Like to See the Weather Forecast in Your Cozi Calendar? Here's How.

Here are INSTRUCTIONS for setting up Cozi to show the daily weather forecast for your zip code:

(Note: this is really easy but you might want to print these instructions, so you can read them as you go along. It takes about ONE MINUTE to do the whole thing.)

  • Login to your Cozi calendar.
  • In another tab or window, go to www.wunderground.com.
  • Type your zip code in the Search box at the top.
  • In the top right corner, to the far right of your city's name, there are four icons. The right-most icon is a down arrow. Hover over this down arrow until the blue menu appears. Move your mouse to the item "Download iCal" and then right click. Left click on Save link as / Copy shortcut / Copy link location. Now you've copied the weather iCal for your city.
  • Go back to the Cozi Calendar.
  • Click Settings (on the left menu).
  • Click Calendar.
  • Click Schedule and Internet calendars
  • Click "Internet calendar" at the bottom under "Add a..."
  • Paste the weather iCal into the the calendar URL text box and click "Add"
  • Choose which people the events should show up for and click "Done"

Done! If you try this, please leave us a comment and tell us what you think!



cannot find the add under the calendar to add the daily weather forcast?


I didn't see a green Ical button on the right side of the screen

Paul B

Seeing weather forecast in Cozi Calendar sounds cool, but when I right click on ICAL button, I don't see a copy shortcut option. Copy Link Address, Copy Image URL, and Copy Image, but no Copy Shortcut. What do I do?


I finally found it, please next time give a little more step by step on where to find the additional calendars.


This didn't work for me. Everything went fine until I went back to the Cozi Calendar and attempted to "Click Add Internet Calendar Button and then Add an Internet Calendar". There was NO "Click Add Internet Calendar Button" anywhere on my Cozi Calendar page.


Had to add Ottawa as city but looks good


I was JUST sitting here wishing for this when I noticed the instructions on the home page! It worked for me just fine. My only problem with it is that it's a little obtrusive. I wish there were a way to just make it smaller and maybe a greyed-out color...right now it looks way too prominent (as if I have yet another thing to remember to do!) :)


Really helpful and works great after I figured out: right click ical and copy url, go to settings in cozi and there find the option to add an internet calendar, then paste the url


Worked great for me! I love it! Now no switching back and forth between different things!


The ICAL button is a little green button a short ways down on the page on the right side of the screen. RIGHT CLICK to bring up the menu and find copy shortcut and click on it. go back to the calendar and go to "SETUP" then to "SCHOOL/INTERNET CALENDARS", click on "ADD AN INTERNET CALENDAR OF YOUR OWN", go down to the box and paste the URL there.. Click to add... Hope this helps...


It's under Calendar, Settings, and then at the top Schedules and internet calendars.

I got it to work, BUT I don't like it. Way too cluttered! I'll stick with my mac's weather report in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Great idea, though. Thanks. I hope it works for some people


Here's adding a bit more for clarity:

- Go to www.wunderground.com
- Type your zip code in the search box at the top. A new page should open with your city & state named.
- Right click on the small green "ICAL" button that is now on the right-hand side of the screen out from the city & state name.
- In the right-click drop-down box menu, click on "Copy Shortcut".
- Go to the Cozi Calendar.
- Click on "Settings" in the left-hand column menu to open the "Change Cozi Settings" page.
- Click on the blue "Calendar Options" link.
- Click on the blue "Schedules and Internet Calendar" link.
- Click on the blue "Internet Calendar" link.
- In the box next to "Calendar URL:" paste the shortcut that you copied from wunderground.com.
- Click the "Add" button.
- Choose which people the events should show up for.
- Click "Subscribe to Calendar" button.


It worked for me, the green ical button was more in the upper right side of the page, I did not have to scroll down to find it. The add internet calander button was a little more difficult to find, it looks more like it is about adding calander holidays. I really like having the daily weather forecast live time in my calendar!


This is great! I think I am going to like it! Helps to see what kind of day we will have when outdoor things are planned!


You have to go under "settings" and then choose "calendar" and at the top of the page there is a button for "Schedules and Internet calendars". Go down to the URL and paste, then add. Hope that helps!


It's great however would like to be able to change the colour of the forecasts as it blends in with appointments presently.
makes it very confusing looking at what I have to do.
if I could change it to a colour I am not using for people on my calendar it would differentiate things which would be very helpful


Paul B: Try "copy link location". I think that's what I did and it worked.

All who can't find "Add internet calendar button": try going to your calendar page, then to settings, then to internet calendars. There you can see where to click to add internet calendar I think.


worked perfectly for me, thank you :)


very nice... i love that i know dont have to check every night before bed. thank you


Got a little lost trying to find the add calendar thingie, but once I found it it wasn't too bad. Having multiple windows opened (one with weather page, a second with my calendar and the last with the instructions) helped a lot! Glad I spent the time figuring it out, the weather right on my calendar is a huge plus!


Easy-peasy! Thanks for the great step-by-step instructions!


Worked great for me. Yes, I had to search in Cozi for the right spot...but only took about 10 seconds and some simple reasoning. Here are revised instructions, starting with step 5 (after you've right-clicked the iCal button and copied the URL):
- Log into Cozi
- Click "Settings" (left side menu)
- Click "Calendar options" (middle page menu)
-Click "Schedules and Internet calendars" (top of the page)
- Click "Internet calendar" (middle of the page)
- Right-click in the
Calendar URL:" text box in the middle of the page, select "Paste" from the right-click menu
- Click the "Add" button (will be highlighted in red now) to the right of the text box
- On the next page choose which people the events should show up for (by default, Cozi selects "All")
- Click Subscribe to Calendar



um, yeah I'm like everyone else... I've done everything but when I get to the main cozi page I have no idea where to click to find "add internet calendar button"

hope to check back to see more details - and for the 3rd person krs to comment - can you help us?? where did you find it?



Ok For Mozilla at least the ical link is right above your weather. you will choose "copy link location". For everyone, you will have to go to your calendar, then under set up at the top, it will have some choice that says internet calendar, from there you will choose internet calendar.




thankfully I went to cozi help and typed it in and found my answer!

here is a cut and paste:

Adding an Internet calendar to Cozi

Follow these steps to find and add an Internet calendar to your Cozi calendar.

Step 1: Find an Internet calendar

For instructions on retrieving an Internet calendar feed from specific online calendar programs (such as Google), see Connecting Cozi to personal online calendars. To find out if a particular organization, such as Major League Baseball, publishes an Internet calendar, check their web site. You may also find web sites that list public Internet calendars, such as http://icalshare.com, to be helpful in your search.

If you're looking for a school calendar, Cozi has a school calendars feature that helps you find your school and add it to your family's Cozi calendar. See Finding and adding school calendars.

Step 2: Identify the calendar's URL

Because Internet calendar technology is still in the early stages of adoption, a standard format for URLs has not yet emerged, and each web site may display its calendar URLs differently. However, by following these steps, you should be able to identify the calendar's URL:

1. Look for a link or button that says "Download," "iCal" (or "Apple iCal"), or "iCalendar". Some web sites simply display the full URL directly on the web page. Some sites—but not all— use an icon that looks like this:
iCal icon

2. Move your mouse pointer over the link or button (but do not click it), and then check your browser's status bar to see the URL. If the URL ends in ".ics", you've found the calendar URL.

3. Important: You will need to copy this URL, but do not click the link or button. Instructions for copying the URL are in the next step.

Step 3: Copy the calendar URL to the clipboard

Follow these steps to copy an Internet calendar URL to your computer's clipboard:

1. Right-click the link or button that displays the URL of the calendar you're interested in. (In some cases, a web site may simply display the full URL as text on the web page. In this case, select the text of the URL with your mouse—make sure to copy only the letters included the URL—and right-click the selected text.

2. On the menu that appears, click the Copy command.

Step 4: Paste the calendar URL into Cozi

After the calendar URL is copied to your clipboard, you can paste it into Cozi:

1. In Cozi, click Settings, and then click Calendar options.

2. On the "Customize your calendar" settings page, click Add a holiday calendar or other Internet calendar.

3. Use your browser's Paste command to paste the URL into the text box in the Add an Internet calendar of your own section.

4. Click Add.


helpufl tip - I imported the weather into my name on the calendar... it was defaulted to be as "all" However, now I'm redoing it and instead creating a family member name as "weather" so that I can filter it out if I want...


Once I found out how to add an internet calendar (settings, calendar option, add internet calendar) it worked great.


Great idea to add local weather to my calendar page! But when I right click on the ICAL button, I don't see a "copy shortcut" option, either. Like the previous poster, I see Copy Link Address, Copy Image URL, and Copy Image, but no Copy Shortcut. What do I do?

Computer illiterate :)


For some people, it might not say "Copy Shortcut" when right-clicking on the green ICal button. Instead, there may be "Copy Link Location" - select that. Then, go back to Cozi, click on Calendar, then there is a drop-down menu called "Set Up." Click on that, then click on School/Internet Calendars. Once that comes up, Click on Internet Calendars. When that comes up, Right-click and select Paste in the Calendar URL box (that is from that copied/saved link location). Select add, select whose calendars you want it to show up on, then click on Done at the bottom.


I love this! Helen, I too couldn't find the "Add Internet" button at first, but it is under Calendar Set Up. And Mary, the green iCal button on the website is only a little way down on the right side; bright green, but very small. Paul B, I don't know--I don't get any of those options you list when I right click the iCal button. Good luck everyone!


More instructions are definitely needed. I finally found it by clicking Set up on the top right of my calendar then choosing School/Internet Calendars. Then click Internet calendar. Right click and paste into the box where it says Calendar URL and click add. The weather should appear on your calendar.

Pam White

I also could not find Add Internet Calendar Button so I finally gave up!


this took about 90 seconds to do. Very easy and so cool to see the weather displayed on each day of the week. Thanks!


It works, but needs a few clarifications.
When you right click on the ical button you need to click on "Copy Link Address" there is no copy shortcut but this accomplishes the same thing.
Then, once you are in the calendar you need to click on "Set up" and scroll down to "school/internet
calendars." On that page scroll down to "add a... internet calendar" and paste in the copied address.


Worked great! Love having the weather forecast in one place with all my other handy info. Please keep those handy tips coming!
P.S. I bought the app for my android and it's fantastic. It's the only app I've paid money for, and it's so worth it.


Couldn't find add add the daily weather forecast to calendar!!!!


I had to do some looking under help but got it figured out. Go under settings, calendar options, on the top of page schedule and internet calendar. Click on internet calendar and you will have a place to paste. Weather will be on your daily calendar!!Pretty nice to have everything at your finger tips. Thank you!!

Christine Teffenhart

You need to go the Cozi Settings and select Calendar Options, then Schedules and Internet Calendars, then Internet calendars. You should see the box to paste in the URL. Too bad Cozi couldn't include better instructions.


Where did you find the Ical button, I don't see it either. This is not as easy as you claim it to be. False advertising. Did you all try to make this work before initiating it? Very Frustrating for the customer.


I love this feature, but I had to hunt for the Internet Calendar feature. It was under Settings and then Calendar Options. Hope this helps.


There is no "Copy Shortcut" in the right click menu so I was only able to get that far. Can you help?


worked fine for me!!! but it's not "copy shortcut" it's "copy link address". thanks!!!

Mary Rose

Love this!!!! It was a little confusing at first but I got it!


I love it. Not easy to read in Monthly view but that's ok.


The directions are not complete but after a lot of search, I found it! To find "add internet calendar", you need to go to set up in the calendar!!!! Then you click on Add a... Internet Calendar. HOpe this helps!!!


Love, love, love this!! When I clicked on the ICal button I actually did get the words "Copy Shortcut" so I guess each browser displays different. Easy to do. And how this will help me for the week.


The directions were simple and direct. Easily followed. When exploring how it works practically in the calendar, the weather displays best in the Day view of the calendar. Thanks! This is a great addition.


Installed it. Initially left clicked ICAL, so I got an error, but when I right clicked it and copied link location, it was beautiful. Thanks for the cool addition to my calendar!


I installed and it works beautifully, even though I am in Canada and was dubious. (there always seems to be some issue with the canadian address for servers etc.)


I love it!


Worked perfectly, I just opened the various pages in different tags of Chrome and toggled back and forth to follow the instructions. Voila! Weather forecast on the calendar. Good instructions.

Michelle Perry

This is a great feature. Loving it already. Thanks Cozi


Nice! Thanks!


Already familiar with wunderground. Nice to have it on my cozi calendar.


It was easy! Thanks!

Lynda McDaniel

I use XP and your directions were perfect. Thanks. I really like this feature. It helps me plan better.


I'm liking it!


okay i've followed all the instructions, but when i enter the url into cozi, it tells me this isn't website that cozi recognises. not sure if this is related to trying to connect it from Ireland. shame really as this could be very useful feature.


This came just in time for NYC blizzard #2! This took me 30 sec to do. Love it!


Easy set-up! Love it!

Carol Schiller

Most likely it is because you are downloading info from Ireland, but we would be happy to check the link for you. Please email support@cozi.com and include the EXACT link (ending in .ics) that you tried to import from wunderground.
We will test it and email you back. It might take a few days, but we will definitely follow up.
Thanks! ^Carol from Cozi

Gloria Beary

After we have successfully added the forecast, is there any way to clear the instructions so the page is clean??!! Thanks! Love it!!


This was wonderful. I love that you can mouse over and get the whole forecast. Really fantastic addition.

M. May

Great feature and easy to set up. Thank you Cozi!


Done! Easy and I really like the app!

Melissa Cieszynski

It was so easy to put the weather on my Cozi account. I love this software!!!


Thank you for these great instructions! love this new feature! My kids access Cozi on their Kindles and iPod Touch so this will be nice for them to have, too!

Angie Nicolini

Awesome! Now I can plan my day even faster. Thanks!


Awesome way to make Cozi even more useful!

Alice Dilts

Does the weather forecast update on the calendar?


You keep making Cozi better and better! I used to check my email night and morning to get the latest weather info but not anymore! Great time saver!


Very nice! Worked great. Thank you.


Great idea adding "Weather" to the contacts so it shows up with its own color. This is very helpful.


Just another great thing for our calendar. Thanks so much. It was easy and quick. Now along with looking at our calendars for events we can see weather right there with it. Great job.

The Kagans

This worked perfectly for me. I started to get hung up in one spot but just re-read the step unit I knew exactly what to do and it worked!


This was easy and it a great addition to my calendar. Thanks for letting us know how to add weather to our calendars. =)


Great. Not too difficult to follow the instructions. This will be a great addition to our calendar.


It worked for me! Thanks so much!!


Very easy if you follow the instructions step by step! I love this new feature on my calendar!!! New to Cozi and getting a little bit more familiar with it each day!


I LOVE this! Thank you so much for adding another wonderful thing to Cozi.


Worked perfectly. What a GREAT feature!
Thank you!!!


I do like the step by step instructions. Exactly what I need! And I like adding the weather to my calendar, so I can open just one tab and keep track of what I need. Thanks!


It worked! Even for my area in France. Thanks a lot, I find this very useful.

Carol D

Love it! Printed the directions and followed step by step. Worked like a charm. Neat!


Worked beautifully!


OK, I know there is a way to do this. I'm on a MAC, how do I RIGHT CLICK??


I kept a window open about how to do this and opened a window with our Cozi calendar--that worked great. I think this will help us all prepare for the weather before we leave. Thanks!


this even works for western australia, love that!! had a hiccup on first attempt but no problems 2nd attempt. love cozi - just wish the iphone, ipad app worked for australia


I'm in Australia and was initially having the same problem as Sarah from Ireland.. I was using Google Chrome but tried it in Internet Explorer and was able to add... not sure if that might help anyone else trying from outside US! :-)

alan borgida

Great addition - nice catch to not have it synch with outlook calendars. One less site to check each day.


I just downloaded this & am excited to have a daily forecast at my finger tips! Considering my son always wants to know what the weather is going to be, Ive added this as something for him as well! Thanks!


I love it. It makes my days easier...


Just to help out.

The Green ICAL button: Once you pull up your city, you will see the city name, state name then follow that line across to the right side of the screen. There is a add to my favorites link, a green ICAL button and a red RSS button.

For the right click:
Every computer and internet browser is different. What you are trying to get is the website address. Link Location or Link Address and Copy Shortcut all do the same thing they are just different ways of putting it.


Hey Carol! You are awesome. Thanks for taking my simple question so seriously and reaching out to the whole Cozi community!! Look how many people are loving their weather on their calendar. You are great!!


Very important step. RIGHT click on the "ical" button. I read it over and over but it didn't register. Somebody mentioned it way down in the list so I thought I'd mention it again. RIGHT click.


Perfect! Love it!


Where is the iCal button? I cannot find it.


Worked great. Thanks!


This is a WONDERFUL tool!! I've even added a second location in order to watch the weather for our upcoming vacation.

I agree with prior posters, wish it was greyed out, could have a color assigned or it was in a smaller font. Another nice feature would be the ability to link back to the weather page to see the radar, etc. But NO WAY am I complainin' about this!! A big help when planning daughter's outfit for the next day.


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