January 03, 2011

Thank You For Breaking Our Servers

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Dear Cozi Fans and Users,

This is a thank you note -- and an apology --from us to you.

This morning (January 3) you broke every record we ever set - even the pretty huge one we set back at the end of November.

You did it by keeping your New Years resolutions to get organized with an online calendar and by sticking to your promise to yourself to get all your to do lists online and into your phone.

And in the process you signed up for Cozi and logged in at rates that whipped our servers till they cried like puppies.

As a result, we have been experiencing brownouts today (January 3), which means that some users cannot log in, and others cannot access some (or all of) the Cozi features.

So let me just say now that we are truly, truly sorry. We totally get that you need 100% reliable access to your online calendar 24/7 without fail. And we understand that you expect us to fix this - NOW.

To resolve this, our crack engineering team is working non-stop right now to add capacity and get Cozi back to full performance - no matter how many new people decide in one morning that Cozi is awesome.

So thanks. For setting the bar so high. For being so loyal and sharing your thoughts and suggestions. And for making Cozi the #1 online family calendar.

Carol at Cozi



Thank YOU for making such an awesome online calendar :)


Feed the crew! I'm looking forward to trying cozy. Let us know when things are up and running normal so we can try to crash the servers again.


I had a feeling all those Flybabies tried to log on at same time! Lol, thanks a great product and for partnering with Flylady!


Well I'm one of the Flybabies, sorry everybody! What I've seen so far with the Cozi/Flylady calandar is gonna be great. Have been able to get the app on my phone and have been already using it, can't wait for them to get it fixed so I can really get organized. Thank you Cozi and Flylady!!!


So far, so good, until today that is. Glad to hear there is an explanation for the problem and you are working hard to fix it.


We don't want excuses. What good is this service if we can't reliably log in?


Yep, another Flybaby here. Sorry we broke your servers! :O


Hi, im loving Cosi thankyou! I think its an amazing service you provide espesually as we pay nothing for the privalage!

love Sal

P.s. were can i make a suggestion?


Good for you! and Flylady! To those who don't understand, well, you just don't understand LOL


aaawww, that explains why I had to change my password 4 times! LOL Us Flybabies LOVE you! :) Thanks for your service, hopefully we won't break you again!


I've loved the service so far and I'm happy to wait thru the growing pains with you. Keep up the good work!


I've been using Cozi for several weeks now and it has helped so, so much. Thank you for all you're doing to get it up and going again and for offering it in the first place. I'm a huge fan.


I hate that you crashed but have to giggle that I am another FlyBaby that probably contributed to this. :) Thanks for communicating the reason (not excuse) for the outage.


I was finally able to log and and saw this note! I'm glad to know what is going on and I am glad that this happened so that you can fix it! I love my cozi site and all the help I get from it so today was hard but I know it won't happen again because its getting fixed! Yay!! Happy New Year and I'm a flybaby too!


Yep...def experienced this today :-)

Is there a way to have your Mac developers work on integrating iCal and Cozi's calendar for those of us who are not web-enabled while out and about and/or we are not in a wi-fi area? We need to have our calendar and the ability to edit it wherever we are.

Thanks!! Keep up the great work!!

Bea Hall

You know that you have to feed your geeks pizza don't you? No pizza and they get really grumpy!!


Glad there is a reason I couldn't log in today - I thought it was my brain forgetting my password. And no worries from me - you guys are the best and I know you are reliable! Thanks for working so hard to get the problem fixed.


We don't want excuses. What good is this service if we can't reliably log in?
excuse me, but uh, this is a free service. it is an awesome service, and i take the blame as i told everyone i know how great it is......and to check out this site. shame on you for being rude


I can handle an outage once in a while. In my life, this is the greatest online organizational tool. Thank you!! p.s. my dh will learn to love all the text message to do and shopping lists.:)


I too am a flybaby trying to get the zone 4 & 5 cleaning list. Silly technology.


Was wondering what was up with Cozi today :) Absolutely **LOVE** Cozi and have been using it for weeks now ever since Flylady sent out her first notice telling us about it. My husband would love to join me on it, but he really needs to be able to sync Outlook with Cozi. He's unable to and is pretty certain is a 32-bit vs. 64-bit thing. I'm sure you're aware of that and are working on it. Thanks so much for a GREAT product. Keep up the hard work!


As another flybaby who helped break your servers, SORRY!

However, you should know that you are in good company, you are among a handful of websites that us flybabies love enough to crash their servers at least once.


Thanks for combining with Flylady. She's the best!


I haven't had a problem, I even got my outlook calendar synced, excited, now I need to figure out if there is a way to sync iCal??? anyone know??


You guys are awesome. I bet it will get better in the coming days. I am on this far more than I will be in future because this is new for me, I am setting up lists and learning how it works. "normal" usage won't be nearly as heavy.

I do have to say that is one of the best, down to earth, and entertaining 'broken servers' messages I have seen in a long time. My applications developing dh chuckled too. We can smell the caffeine and take-out from here. :D

Thanks for such an awesome product, and sorry for breaking you servers.


I have been able to use my cozi, which I LOVE!!! However, I can't seem to sync with my outlook??? Not too big a deal, but would be pretty cool. I'm a flybaby, too. Could that be part of the problem since I sign in on my flylady page?


Sweet. That means it's used by lots of people which means it's pretty darn good. It's helped me keep my upcoming move to Europe in order.


I'm a flybaby too, and I'm totally loving this!!! I've been telling everyone about it, sorry about the servers, glad it's getting worked on though!


I'm glad you're getting so much business! You deserve it. :)


Yes, please do feed the team... I've been on that end of things before. Low blood sugar and such are really bad for serious situations such as this... :)

@Gary, Cozi is a fairly new service, and the company is experiencing some growing pains because of this new FlyLady partnership. While I agree that online services such as this one, which we use to manage our entire lives, are important to us all, please give them a break. After all, the service *is* free. When you're a "bleeding edge" kind of tech consumer, you are going to run into hiccups like this occasionally. If you'll re-read the blog post, they are not giving excuses. They are simply stating what happened and that they're on top of the problem and working to fix it.



I was introduced to Cozi on my new Dell laptop Christmas gift and have been hooked ever since. Your program is amazing and is changing our life. My husband is hooked and using it too. I love sitting at home and watching the grocery list get checked off as he is shopping with his iphone. So cool. Thank you for your amazing program and I know you'll keep growing and growing because I've been telling all my mommy friends how great it is!


I am new to both Cozi & FlyLady sites. I just happened to find the Cozi site recommended on FlyLady. I have been setting up my lists today too. It worked wonders when I was at the grocery store today! I will recommend it to everyone I know. And I like the color coding for schedules! Keep up the great work Cozi!

Shannon P.

Brownouts shmounouts! I am loving Cozi! This is so easy to use, works great with Flylady, and makes me "feel" organized. Great job!


Why are all the syncing programs only for Windows? I have Outlook but I am on a mac.


Just wanted to write and say I am a fly baby as well, but had stumbled upon Cozi before Fly Lady had us all a buzz about Cozi. I love it, and as a Homeschool Mom with many hats, I love that I can color code my kids appts, and also color code things such as activities at the church.Thanks a million ffor all you guys do for us. I can't imagine my life without my COZI!


"Jump in where you are".. Is the Flylady moto.. We will be waiting when you are all up and running.

Kelly S

Thank you for working so hard to make this a great program! I have used several online organizers and this is the only one I have really liked.

julie Hannen

I had been a flylady user for several years but have been away from it for a while. I have been using cozi for last year and was pleasantly surprised to see the Flylady lists available now. I can now combine my two favorite organizing tools to organize my life.
Thank you so much for the partnership!


I am one of the many who could not access Cozi yesterday. Thus, I was not aware of the posts explaining the brownout. After several failed attempts to log in, I emailed my problem and received a prompt response explaining how the servers were too pooped to party any more that day! THANK YOU for such a wonderful tool, and prompt, efficient service! I know I am going to enjoy using this with FlyLady, and am looking forward to baby stepping my way to an organized and peaceful life!


Guilty FLYbaby here too! I am the tech person for our office and I can soooo feel for you right now. Thank you for all you are doing. Congratulations on the much deserved response to the awesome service you provide and for joining forces with FLYlady - that was a brilliant idea! (sorry about the servers though *blushing*). Before you know it, you will be talking one day and saying "Remember the server crash of 2011 - can you believe it was a year ago already?!"

No worries, your team will rally together, get this issue resolved and Cozi will be better than ever!!

Thank you for all you do!


Was able to get what I needed with minimal trouble yesterday. Thanks for sweet letter, but thanks even more for a great (FREE) service.


I'm not sure if you have fixed your problem as well as you thought. I can't get the calendar to work today. It keeps going to a purple fly-lady screen with nothing else on it.

I have really been enjoying this, but am getting tired of the problems.



Blame it on Flylady! I was thrilled to see a program such as this when I read my Flylady emails today. As a mom I need the shopping list and the to-do list, two things that I couldn't get on my Google calendar. Thanks for providing something that works for moms!

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