January 06, 2011

Tell Oprah How YOU Got Organized

Are you a Cozi fan who's keeping family life under control? Maybe you're even using FlyLady and Cozi together?

When we noticed that Oprah is looking for a disorganized family to feature (so she can teach her audience how to get organized), we thought:

"Wait a minute! We've got MILLIONS of families, who are doing a GREAT job of staying on top of family life. Why not feature them?"

So how about it?! Click here now and tell Oprah how you manage your hectic family life. If you started out disorganized, and are now feeling better than ever about keeping everything in one place - so much the better! But let's show Oprah how you're doing it right.

After all, who better than REAL families to tell other parents just like themselves how they make it work!




My husband and I grab things that are out of place whenever we stand to leave a room -- even bathroom breaks. These items are distributed to their proper places as we move through our house.

Cathy Kallberg

We use FlyLady and Cozi together. 4 kids, lots of events, and many, many missed birthday parties, sports events, scout meetings taught us what we need to do. (And really taught us what NOT to do!) Meal planning from Leanne Ely helps a lot too!


We us FLYlady and Cozi have 5 kids. Honestly it is wonderful to get my FLYlady routines and calendar reminders as a text. I always have my phone with me. it simplifies my days from begining to end.

Deanna Moss

This is my first time using COZI. And I don't know how I functioned without it. There are 5 people in my family and keeping up with everyone's schedule meant missed appointments, birthdays and even homework assignments! And paper calendars no longer did the job. COZI will send me reminders via text to my cell phone of all of our important events! What an awesome app. My life is so much more organized.


My mom started using Fly Lady and passed it along! I couldn't keep the house this clean before if I tried! Cozi is an added bonus that has become an essential. It emails me before the start of the week and is displayed on my monitor so I see it every morning! No more missed appointments or play dates. Recently I started using Ezmeals for my grocery shopping and meal planning!


My fiance have just started using Cozi and FLYLady and already we're seeing a difference in our lives. The bathroom looks nice every morning, I already know what I'm going to wear, and the kitchen sink welcomes me each morning by being clean, shiny and empty! Each of these things is a tiny success and helps me remember that the big success isn't that hard to achieve.


I started getting organized years ago by following the card file system implemented by the Slob Sisters in the 1980's. I have used that system most of my life - until FlyLady (who also used their system) and now she has connected me to Cozi. It's been a life long journey and I'm still organized, which was something we were never taught at home growing up.


I used to use the SHE 3x5 card system back in the 80s and then FlyLady in the late 90's and early 2000s but kind of fell off the wagon.
Does this mean that the FlyLady daily and weekly tasks will be added to my COZI calendar somehow? How does this work?

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