January 13, 2011

Stumped for Easy, Affordable Family Dinner Ideas? Check out the (Free!) Cozi Family eCookbook

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Would you love some no-fail dinner recipe ideas to change up your family dinner routine?

We've compiled an eCookbook of the BEST FAMILY DINNER RECIPES (submitted by busy Cozi families just like yours).

How'd we pick the best? To be considered the recipes had to be:

  • Fast to make
  • Use affordable, accessable ingredients
  • Taste great for grown-ups but be sure-fire kid pleasers too
  • Not make too many dishes dirty
  • Be reasonable healthy

Then, we cooked, tasted and tweaked every recipe to make sure it worked just right. And to top it off, we TESTED THEM on a panel of kids ranging from age 5 to 15. The kids graded every single one, and only the ones they LOVED made the cut.

So, how do you get these awesome family dinner recipes? Here's how:

  • Login to Cozi
  • Click on Downloads (on the far left)
  • Scroll down to the Cozi Family Cookbook
  • Click Download.


Please come back and tell us what you think. And, if you want to share the cookbook with friends and family, just tell them to sign up for Cozi, so they can download it for free too!



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I can't seem to get the recipes to download. The status bar says "transferring" and then says "stopped". What am I doing wrong? Thank You in advance for your help.


I was lost for a bit until I realized the downloads were on the bottom right :)


I can't see how to download the recipe book! I see the blog post, but can't see any link to the actual download. I am a cozi member....


You can't get to the cookook with a direct link, because it's only available to people who use Cozi.
To get it:
Login to your Cozi account
On the left you will see a column of choices (calendar, To do lists, etc.)
Click on Downloads
Scroll down and you will see the cookbook download link.
Thanks and enjoy!
^Carol from Cozi

Sue Kelm

I just get a pdf, is that right?


There is nothing at all on the left; I don't see the word "Download" anywhere. Frustrating!


I'm frustrated and confused because I finally found the download tab, but the ecookbook is not offered on the page that comes up.

Carol Schiller

Melody and Jeannie,
I am so sorry you are frustrated and not seeing what you need. Just send an email to me carol@cozi.com and I will personally email you the link.
^Carol at Cozi

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