January 20, 2011

Always on the Lookout for New Dinner Ideas?

Cozi families tell us all the time that getting a hot, healthy, home-cooked dinner on the table each night is one of the toughest family organization tasks.

It's a question we ALL get stuck on (usually at 4:00pm): "What the heck should I make for dinner tonight?"

This "4pm dinner dilemma" is exactly why we created the Cozi Family Dinner Club.

How does it work?

Each month we'll email you links to 2-3 recipes (Make 1 or all, it's up to you). You'll be able to download the ingredients right to your Cozi shopping list, so you'll have everything on hand the next time you're stumped for a dinner idea. Simply make the recipe(s) and come back and discuss (via comments on the post) with other members how it worked out.

You have the whole month to make it, so there's no pressure.

Who should join?  

Family cooks who want a fun, easy way to add new recipes to the regular dinner routine.

Will some foodies and chefs join and chime in? Sure, and we hope to learn loads from them. (Some have already joined.) But the recipes themselves will feature simple, easily available and affordable ingredients.

What you get:

When you join, expect to get at least 12 new recipes you feel confident about adding to your usual dinner rotation by the end of the year.

Sounds good?

Click here to add your email address and start getting dinner club recipes now. It's FREE.



I just had a brain storm! I've added a 'member of the family' named Dinner. I make an appointment for 'Dinner' every day at 5pm with the meal I plan on making. I love the way it appears on the calendar for the whole family to see. Example: Dinner 1/21/11 Teriyaki Chicken 5pm


I am a retired elder and I live along. I have difficulty cooking for one after cooling for large groups all of my life. I am the eldest of twelve children and now am alone and it is so hard to shop for one; as all of the packages and supplies are for larger families. HELP!


Life goes much smoother in my house if have my menu planned for the week. So...on Sunday, I sit down and make a 6 pm appointment for every night, adding in what we'll be having. It makes my life SO much easier! If we're home on the weekends, I add in that menu information as well. It's made a BIG difference to solving the "what's for dinner?" dilemma!

carol mitt

I have tried several times to download the cookbook and when downloading after a few seconds it stops downloading and does not say why. Is it my computer or Cozi? Anyone know? Thanks Carol


For Mariane, whom lives alone. I have been since my husband of 32 years passed in Feb.2010. I cook enough for 4 and package it for the freezer. Lasagna packs up very well. You can buy divided freezer dishes from WalMart to pack them in.


Love the family member named Dinner! Thanks for the idea!

Beth Miller

oh yeh kirsten,
life is better with a planned meal. We put a big notepad (like one that would be used for presentations) with 2 weeks worth of menus on it. The kids love knowing what's for dinner, & I love having the ingredients already in the cupboard.

Cafe Bruges

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Cafe Bruges

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I'm loving the Dinner Club. The recipes are quick and delicious! Thanks for some new menus.

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