January 03, 2011

Full Service Has Been Restored

Screen shot 2011-01-03 at 9.47.40 PM In case you missed the excitement, Cozi experienced record-breaking traffic on the morning of January 3rd, which caused brownouts for many users. (See our earlier post on this.)

As of 5:00pm PST on Jan 3, all service has been fully restored (thanks to a big increase in capacity), and all features should be performing as expected now.

If you are still experiencing problems, please let us know in the comments below, or by emailing us at support@cozi.com so we can be sure to track down any issues.

Thank you very much for your patience today!

Carol at Cozi



Billie Brock

I had to get a new laptop, as my old one died. How do I get Cozi on my new laptop? I don't see a 'download to a new computer' button or link. Do I have to go through the whole process and sign up like a new user again? Help!


Well, we had no idea that the problem we had was with Cozi, and not us! Thank you for taking care of it, and so quickly. God Bless.

Kate Stewart

I am not able to go back to edit our appointments

Sean Kennelly

Glad to hear everything is up! Only issue I've noticed is that my google Cozi bar won't launch the calendar and the window says "unexpected error".


the reminder feature is not working. it will only say 15 minutes - you cannot change it which is worthless in a big city. takes 15 minutes just to get to your car!


Journal isn't working.
But want you to know that I love this site.


Every time I try to click on something (calendar, to do, shopping, etc) it just says loading and doesn't do anything.


I just signed up this morning. Had no trouble signing up for the account, but when I try to add my family information or look at any other page other than the home page, it displays a blank screen.


Thanks! Was a bit concerned how it was operating yesterday. hopefully we are all sucessful in getting organized in 2011!!

Angela Pea

Whoot!! I had guessed that overload was the issue yesterday. I'm so happy for you! What a testament to your wonderful tools.

Beth Sarnstrom

I am still unable to print each month in landscape form for "hanging on the frig" It does not print like a normal calendar page and the menu down the left side of the screen....calendar, to do, shopping, etc prints on the calendar page


Thanks for your efforts to make this wonderful site work for all of us. I truly love the convenience and continuity it adds to my day when I can access all my information from anywhere.


No, you do not have to sign up again. Just go to http://www.cozi.com and sign in normally. There is nothing to download and your Cozi account is always available from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet.
Carol from Cozi


Molly, You are right. You should be able to click on the reminder time and adjust it as needed.
Would you please trying this:
Sign out
Clear your cache (browsing history)
Restart browser.
Sign in and try again.
Please let me know if that worked.
Carol from Cozi


I just signed up today and I cannot for the life of me get the Shopping List to work. Operator error? I add items to the list but when I click on "shopping" on my home screen, it opens to a blank page with the purple "fly lady" wallpaper but no content. :( Help!


I am having issues with the shopping lists. When I add an item it list it several times, if I try to delete the duplicates it deletes other items instead. I have to go in and out of the list and when I go back in the item isn't there and I have to add it again. This happens to about every other item I add. It's a bit of a problem when I am making my weekly grocery list.


Beth with printing problems - support advised me to switch to Firefox browser, and I haven't had problems since - you might try that.


If you are experiencing blank pages, please try the following:
Log out
Clear your cache (browsing history)
Restart your browser
Log back in
9 times out of 10 this will work. If not, would you please send an email to support@cozi.com so they can check your individual account? Thanks!
^Carol at Cozi


It sounds like you are experiencing a specific bug that we are working on right now. Would you please send an email to support@cozi.com so we can ask you a few specific questions?
Also, please try this:
When you see the list of duplicates appear, please leave it without trying to delete. Instead, add another item below it and click enter. Does that revert everything back to its correct state?
Thanks! ^carol


As of today, Tues Jan 4, I cannot log in: "An unexpected error has occurred.
We’ve notified our engineers, and they will be looking at this problem shortly."

Sarah Turk

Just signed up to Cozi but cannot get the iPhone app to download. Any suggestions? Thnx Sarah


My spouse and I currently use gmail/google calendar. We are trying to phase into Cozi however it seems most soccer teams etc. use google calendar so when you get the email you can click to accept and the appointment automatically downloads to your calendar. Will we be able to do this with Cozi?


I would like to make Cozi my homepage, but would like a few more items posted on it like local weather and news and local theatre options. Is this possible at present? The more I use Cozi, the more I like it. Thank you for an alternative to Yahoo!!!

Booker Bailey

My wife and I are both experincing blank pages on our PCs and home and at work. If you can assit us we would appricate it.

Carol Schiller

Meredith and Booker,
Please try the following:
Log out
Clear your cache (browsing history)
Restart your browser
Log in again
This works 9 times out of 10. If that still doesn't work, please send an email to support@Cozi.com so we can check your individual account. Thanks!
^Carol at Cozi


The print feature is not functioning.

Carol Schiller

When you are on your phone, Click the App store and search for Cozi. You will need to choose between the paid app (one time fee of $5.99) with no ads, or the Free version with ads.
Click to download the version you want. That's it!
If you get stuck, please send an email to support@cozi.com so we can investigate further.
^Carol at Cozi


first time user - posted an appointment, it got into the wrong day; reposted in the correct day, and can't delete from the wrong one ... now what? Please.


I can sign in on the website, but my Cozi on my desktop isn't allowing me to sign it. I says I have the wrong password, but I am using the same email and password for the website as the desktop.

Carol Schiller

When you try to delete, what error message did you get?
May I ask you to try two things:
1. Refresh the page and see if the deleted item disappears.
2. Log out, restart your browser and log back in, and see if the deleted item disappears.
Please come back and tell me what happened. Thanks!
^Carol from Cozi

Carol Schiller


I am imagining that your desktop is some kind of PC, and you are using your browser to navigate to www.cozi.com. In that case you can sign in, right?

On the other hand, there may be a shortcut widget that has been placed on your desktop (maybe you recently bought a Dell?), and for some reason the link in that widget is broken. So, you cannot login using the shortcut on your desktop.

Is that what is happening? If so, please send an email to support@cozi.com to get the desktop widget fixed. Or, you can just navigate to Cozi from your browser and ignore the widget altogether. Either way, you get exactly the same Cozi features.
^Carol at Cozi


Well done with fixing the problems you had yesterday(3/1/11). and thank you for a great callander, I love it.
Kind regards,




How can I send the weeks caledar to an email if it is miindweek after the automatic email send on the weekend? I have a dell so I have an icon on my desktop for cozi, how do I put an icon on my kids computers so they don't have to login thru the internet? I am really enjoying the program so far but would love to see a few features added. Thank you


When I click on a choice such as "To Do" or "Journal", it still brings me to a blank blue screen with "flylady" patterns as a background. Is anyone else having this problem?

cozi blog

Bev and Cindy, I'm sorry that you're experiencing issues with blank pages. To resolve this, please clear your cache (browsing history), and then refresh your page. You might also need to sign out of Cozi and sign back in again. If this doesn't work for you, please send an email to support@cozi.com so they can check your individual account? Thanks! ^Marian from Cozi

cozi blog

Krysta, Regarding a way to send the weekly agenda e-mail after updating your schedule, that's not currently available, but we're working to add this feature. Please stay tuned! Regarding a way to add Cozi icons to your kids' computers, please sign into Cozi from those computers, and click on Downloads from your Cozi homepage. From there, please follow the prompts to install the collage/Cozi Express. That will give you a desktop icon for Cozi. I hope that helps! ^Marian from Cozi


How do I download the Fly Lady lists to my cozi account?


You can download the FlyLady lists from this link: http://www.cozi.com/live-simply/lists-calendars

Happy FLYing!
Carol from Cozi


Can you improve the shopping list so that we can pull up all of our headers and lists (I use headers for different sections of a store, plus I have to use 2 or more stores where I live) and quickly move newly added and existing shopping items to that header or a different list? My shopping list is getting pretty long and its time consuming to move items around the way the program currently works. Also it would be nice to be able to "lock" items down so they aren't as easily accidently moved/deleted. And if we could have a couple of sort options that'd help. Thanks


I can't even sign in today. The button is grayed out.


I am still not able to access m.cozi.com from my Blackberry curve .... kind of defeating the purpose of a mobile calendar!


Lisa, Would you please send an email to support@cozi.com so we can check what is going on in detail? Thanks!
Carol at Cozi


Although I LOVE the convenience of your calendar application, it WILL NOT print. Our family depends on consulting a printed schedule on the front of the refrigerator. Unfortunately, even tho I've gone to the trouble of entering all the data it's impossible to print the file as the file name is far far far too long. PLEASE get your engineering folk to create a work around or a fix.

Becki Morrison

when I go to add family members or shopping list i just get a blank orange screen with some design on it and can't do a thing? so what is this about?? help

Cozi Blog

Becky, I'm so sorry for the blank page you're seeing. To resolve this, could you please clear your browser cache? If you need instructions, please send a message to https://secure.cozi.com/contact-us-form.htm, and let us know which browser you're using.Thanks!^Marian

Kathy Sunderman

Cannot get to my calendar.


Today i tried to log in bu then it did not let me and i checked my e-mail and password and they were correct. How can i get back on my account?


I can't log on. Is there a problem today???


I just started using the Cozi, and am actually coordinating with my husbands ex, so we can manage the kids schedules together....but when we tried to sync...it had all the times messed up! So we changed to one that we both use. But now my desktop gadget shows all the wrong times, but they are correct on hers, and correct online. How do we fix it?

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