January 05, 2011

Add a Family Photo to Your Homepage

When you first set up your account, a default image appears just above your account name on the left side of your homepage, but you can add a picture of your OWN family in this spot!

To add your photo, double-click anywhere on the default image. You’ll then see prompts to select a photo from the digital photos stored on your computer. Just follow these prompts, and your picture will appear in seconds.

If you already have a photo included on your homepage, you can update your current photo by double-clicking anywhere on your current photo. You’ll then see the prompts to download your new photo.

TIP: Want a larger photo on your homepage? You can add a larger photo by adding a quick family journal post. Just add a photo and a caption, and you're done! Even if you don't keep an ongoing journal, the most recently added photo appears on your homepage, so why not add a special picture to enjoy?



A Friend told me about this amazing website
The Fly Lady and she is absolutely amazing. I am getting so organized with the checklists and I just started with the cozi and my family already loves its convenience. everything under one place. Awesome is all that I can say.

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