January 04, 2011

5 Great Reasons Why Mom Needs a Smartphone - the Winners!

Last month we invited some of the savviest mom bloggers around to tell us in a post 5 Great Reasons Why Every Mom Needs a Smartphone, and we offered some prizes for the best ones.

We enjoyed reading ALL the entries, but in the end we picked the entries that:

  1. Were the best written (or composed)
  2. Provided the most useful information

Judging is always hard, but based on these criteria THREE entries really stood out, resulting in a TIE for second place.

This wasn't announced at the time, but as a thank you to everyone who participated, ALL the bloggers who took the time to write a post during such a busy time of year will receive a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com from Cozi.

Here are the final results:

First Prize ($250): Paula Reese at Boogers N Burps for this very witty post, which combined crack-me-up puns, and an extremely fresh take on what constitutes an emergency with kids in tow.

Second Prize ($150) to Jody Halsted at Family Rambling for this very practical advice all parents can use on using your smartphone while traveling, AND

Second prize ($150) to Catherine Moss at Evolving Mommy, for this creative Vlog post demonstrating the many contexts a smartphone can be used in. (We especially loved the tip about googling recipes while in the store.)

THANK YOU to everyone who participated. We hope that thanks to your urging, lots of moms (and dads) did get smartphones under the tree this year, and if you are one of them - of course we hope you'll check out the Cozi apps for iPhone and Android.



WOW! I'm so excited!!! I never win anything! So glad you liked my post. It was fun to write! And I hope lots of moms got smart phones for Christmas! :)


Thank you so much Cozi! I had so much fun embarrassing myself talking to a video camera at the park, the store and in a Target parking lot. I am really looking forward to Blissdom and winning is helping me get there!


So excited to be chosen from so many wonderfully written pieces. I, too, will be at BlissDom and this prize covered the cost of my flight!

Maribel Ibrahim

Congratulations to the first three prize winners!

I'm stoked that I got $25 out of the deal. Thanks Cozi!

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