December 12, 2010

Wish You Had an Instant Way To Tell Everyone the Family's Weekly Plan?

Cozi makes it easy to make sure everyone who needs it (mom, dad, your babysitter, grandma -- even your ex) gets an email of the family's upcoming events for the week.

Here's how to set it up your online calendar to email to your family members weekly:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click General Information About Your Household
  • Add your family members and their email addresses
  • Scroll down and click Done


  • Click Email notifications (still in Settings)
  • Add a check mark to everyone who should get the weekly email agenda

That's it!

The agenda email goes out on Sundays, so add any changes you want by Saturday night and they will show up in the weekly email. It's a great way to make sure everyone starts the week with a look at the shared calendar.

And please come back and tell us how this feature is working out for you!

-- Carol at Cozi



I keep reading the Flylady emails on using the Cozi site, and I can't find where Settings is. I can't change or add or read info because i can't find it. Please point it out for me.


I LOVE that this feature exists -- although, I'm not sure that I want to bombard my familiy with all of my routines and regular day-to-day reminders that are PERSONAL. Any suggestions on how to let them see family appts ONLY? Thanks!

Gary Mullennix

Carol at Cozi...where is the setting button? Help says it is in the left column


Carole and Gary,

Make sure you are already signed into your Cozi account. On the left, you will see a column that looks like this:
To Do

Click on Settings.

If you are not seeing Settings, please take a screenshot and email it to, so we can see exactly what the page looks like. Thanks!

Carol at Cozi


There really isn't a way to do that. The only option would be to have two accounts, one for all your FlyLady stuff and another for all your family appointments. Just be sure to use two different email addresses when setting them up.
Carol At Cozi


To Nicolle - I ended up adding "FlyLady" as a family member so that I could add those daily tasks into my calendar so I can select show only her and those tasks be seen. ;)

I'm new to Cozi jsut this week and really like it so far. HOWEVER I have two suggestions.

1) somewhere - on my homepage there should be somewhere *anywhere* to click on to contact them to make suggestions. there was at first a link to "tell us what you think" which I did but now it's gone and I have a really good suggestion... thankfully I found this blog post to comment on and hope someone will see it. ;)

so what's my suggestion? - I love the grocery list. ;) but how about figuring out a way to make the printed out pages more user friendly??? I've noticed that when typing in products they are already programed in and start to suggest items as I type the letters *WHICH IS AWESOME* if it is already so smart couldn't you program those preprogramed things into CATEGORIES such as can goods, dairy, produce, cleaning, ect... and that way when you go to print out the list they group like items together!??!? :) that would be so super COOL and very HELPFUL!

also would love to see some type of meal planner page tab on the sidebar.... maybe a master page that users could add in all their favorite menu meals... and then check them off to select them for the upcomming week? that would be cool too.

thanks for letting me share my ideas.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


I believe I have the settings correct to send weekly agenda emails to myself and my husband. I have not received a weekly email though - what day of the week do they get sent out?


Nicole has a good point. My husband wants to see the kids schedules and any special appointments, but not all the Flylady stuff. If there was a way to only show one calendar category on the mobile, this would solve the problem. Then, my husband could pull up mobile cozi, and show only the items that belong to him. The weekly digest is excellent.

Carol Schiller


Wow thanks for taking the time to write all these terrific suggestions. We would LOVE to have you as a fan on our Facebook page, where many of our users come to leave suggestions and share ideas.

And of course, we always love getting ideas and comments here on the blog too!

Carol at Cozi

Carol Schiller


If you aren't getting the weekly agenda emails, we may need to check your individual account settings. Would you please email and tell them the email address that you use to sign in?. Thanks!
Carol at Cozi


I love this feature, but wish we could choose what day to send the weekly agenda, or send it manually during the week- my husband and I work from home together and we do our weekly household & business planning sessions on Sunday afternoon/evening, which seems to be after the calendar goes out.


Started using the Cozi this week. Have been FLYing for about a month. I keep seeing comments about adding the FLYLady zones, routines,basic weekly plans. Is there a way to download these or do you have to enter manually? I thought I saw that they were going to be accessable by download? Also the missions? Thanks


I LOVE Cozi! I do wish there was a way to update the Google calendar from Cozi.

Carol Schiller

We are working on adding flexibility to the agenda. Stay tuned!
Carol from Cozi

Carol Schiller

We will be releasing downloadable FlyLady content slowly over time. Stay tuned!
carol from Cozi

Carol Schiller


Cozi reads the data on your Google calendar from a feed. That is why Google cal appointments can't be changed within Cozi.

What are you trying to do? If you tell me your set-up, I might be able to give you some ideas for workarounds. Thanks!
Carol from Cozi

Traci Mallaro

I just converted to MAC and I am really disappointed the photo collage is not compatible! I hope you can develop a version for mac.:)

Carol Schiller

Of course we think our collage is totally awesome, but... you can set your screensaver on your Mac to run a collage of your iPhoto photos too. Just go into your preferences and select screensaver.


I have put together an excel sheet listing every grocery and other product we buy on a regular basis and the store to buy it from. I print it out, hang it on the fridge and then highlight things that need to be bought. Is there a way that I could download this info into Cozi instead of retyping every item into the cozi grocery list? Thanks!


Is there a way to get FlyLady stuff onto our calendars and To Do lists without having to manually type it in?
Also is there a way to share our calendars with family in other states, like Google does?
Can we import our Google calendars? Thanks.

Carol Schiller


Wow, this is AMAZING!
Since we don't have too many users who start with multiple lists already in Excel, we have not build that functionality into Cozi.

So, unfortunately the only way would be to re-type the lists. (Or bribe a teenager to do it for you :))
Carol from Cozi


Would it be possible to add a quick link to the blog portion of cozi to the list that comes up on the left when you sign in? It took me awhile to find this again. Thanks!


Where do I locate the sign-up for the iPhone as mentioned on your home page?


Hi there, really lovin' Cozi. Started using the Journal, got some family excited about it and now it seems to be non-functioning. :( Help!

Jo Looye

I'm just joining and trying to put the phone no. into my cell phone. I have a Palm Pre Plus and I got to the COZY part of the number. On the keypad, my phone's numbers are not like a telephone's numbers so I have NO IDEA what the numbers that correspond to COZY are. Much friendlier to print it both ways on the webpage. Thanks! Jo

Sean D

There is a way to sync your google calendar with Cozi's calendar and vice versa. I have the Google Calendar Sync app which automatically sync's up with my Outlook calendar. I also have the Cozi Outlook toolbar which then syncs up with Cozi, and now all of my calendars are all the same and properly synced up. Make a change in any of the calendars and it will do the changes all across the board.

Carol Schiller

This is a great suggestion. We are actually considering ways to do a better job of making the blog easy to find, so stay tuned as we make changes.
^Carol from Cozi

Carol Schiller

To get the Cozi iPhone app, open the App store on your iPhone,and type Cozi into the search bar. You will find two options:

Option 1 is the (brand new) FREE version of Cozi with ads.

Option 2 is the paid version - with no ads.

Just download the one you want and you will be all set!

Carol Schiller

Would you please send an email to so they can check your individual account? This is not an issue we can troubleshoot without more information. I'll tell them your email is coming. Thanks!
^Carol from Cozi

Carol Schiller

So sorry for the trouble!

Please send an email with your login email address, your cell phone number, cell phone type and cell phone carrier info to They will set up your phone manually.

Thanks! ^Carol at Cozi

Carol Schiller


That is great! We have had several users tell us they have been able to get this to work, but we don't like to promise something if we can't get it to work every time.

I would LOVE to hear from you exactly how you did it though. Would you be willing to share by emailing me at If we can test this method, I may publish it to the blog. Thanks!

^Carol at Cozi


Just a suggestion. I would like the option of choosing between having the existing weekly agenda email and having a daily email of that days agenda.


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I would like to be able to send someone on my contacts (grandpa) an instant email/text about one appointment on my calendar. I don't want to send grandpa the entire weekly calendar. Is it possible to do this? If not, I think it would be a great feature to add.


It's Monday and I've made some changes to our week's schedule. Is there a way to "resend" the week's agenda so everyone knows about the changes at the end of the week? Thanks.

Kimberly Sotir

How do I sync my google calendar with the cozi calendar?

Kimberly Sotir

by the way, I have an iphone and my computer operating system is Mac OS


Cozi needs to add a feature for an Address Book!

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