December 01, 2010

Take our End of Year Survey to Win $100

Thanks to everyone who took the Cozi End of Year Survey! The survey is now closed.

(We'll contact the winner of the $100 Amazon gift card by email.)

Here at Cozi, we love to hear about family life. Call us crazy, but learning what is tops on your to do list for 2011 and how many times you go to the grocery store each week is really exciting to us!

Make our day by taking our quick end of year survey. It will take less than 5 minutes.

As a thank you for completing the survey, we are giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner.

Click here to take the Cozi End of Year Survey. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



This is the first time I have ever seen this program and I've already spent an hour on it. Adding appointments and birthdays. LOVE IT


I love the idea of this program but I can't get it to sync with my outlook so I am not up and running yet. I am waiting for customer service to get back to me but I am really excited about getting started.


Our support queue is pretty backed up due to the FlyLady partnership launch this week. Thanks very much for your patience!
Carol from Cozi

Carol Zwickey

So happy to find this thru flylady- looking forward to pulling it altogether!


I love this site!!!! I just got up and running day before yesterday still need to synch with my Outlook But I actually koined through the Flylady website!!! This is a wonderful tool for a working mother with a Family of 4! It also is geat that I can link it to text my Husband of our upcoming eents so that he can;t say I forgot to remind him!! :)


How do I get the Flylady Download if I'm already a Cozi member?

Carol Schiller


Did you see our post about the FlyLady/Cozi partnership? All the details, including instructions on how to get the FlyGuide download are there.

Here is the link:

Please come back if you have any questions!
Carol at Cozi


My first night here! Will not be my last! I work night shift, now I know where I will be spending my break! Love this!!! Thank you!


I love the Cozi site. I like the newsletter feature and wish I had this when my children were youonger. My familiy lives over 3000 miles away so this would have been great to share pictures and milestones etc. Love the reminder on appointments. I am not to sure about the Fly Lady, I have looked around but I am not seeing what all the hype is about? Maybe I am missing something.


i am highly disappointed that cozy sent my journal to my children...i didnt want them to see it. i want to delete my kids email and i dont know how to do it...


I was not able to get my message to go through about getting the flyguide. Is anyone else having problems with this?


I love that the adds are family friendly and I do not have to worry about what my children may see as the home page loads up.


Life changes brought me back to FlyLady. FlyLady brought me to Cozi. What a great pair!


Life changes brought me back to FlyLady. FlyLady brought me to Cozi. What a great pair!


When you send your message about the FlyGuide please be sure to type the email address exactly AND put the word FLYGUIDE in capital letters. It should work.
Carol from Cozi


Your ads have increased and changed. I am no longer able to access my calendar on Cozi with my Netbook. I can see one line of the calendar at a time. I know the Netbook is not a full computer but Cozi's calendar is important to me. The only time I've had this problem is with software for photobooks that I downloaded.

Carol Schiller

Being on a Netbook should not make any difference. the problem may be with your browser.
First, please make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.
Then, please try clearing your cache and rebooting your browser.
Finally, try logging in with a different browser and see if you still get the same result.
Feel free to come back here and let me know if these fixes work.
Carol from Cozi
Carol from Cozi

Carol Schiller

Your journal will NEVER be sent to anyone unless you specifically set it to do so.
If you are having trouble with your settings, please contact us directly at
Carol at Cozi


I love almost everything about COZI except ONE THING: can you make the "to do" list one where i can (a) add a due date and/or (b) prioritize in terms of how important this one item is? level 1, 2, 3, etc. or a, b, c? would be very helpful!



We are working on dated to do lists. Stay tuned for upgrades in the New Year!

Carol from Cozi


Tried to take the year-end survey but it says its closed (December 11) :(

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