December 24, 2010

Got Everything Done Except the Holiday Cards?

Screen shot 2010-12-24 at 9.32.51 AM

If you have photos saved on Facebook, this little app will turn them into a collage and share them with anyone you choose.

Try it now! It's the perfect way to top off your holiday with just a click.




Thank you! I enjoyed that.


Would of loved to do this but page wouldnt load


I got an error trying to open that link.


Can I change how the homepage looks for my family? or do I have to upgrade?


Angie, Are you talking about the Cozi Homepage? If so, then no you cannot change it.
There is no "upgrade" for Cozi. All the online features are available to everyone and are absolutely free. ^Carol from Cozi


Very cute! Thanks! I would love this for my homepage as well. Please consider this app for Cozi.

Carolyn Smith

Love this link...I'm an artist, so I will really use it to the delight of family and friends

Terry Elisabeth

Very nice !

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