November 18, 2010

You Asked. We Delivered. The Cozi App for Android is Here.

We heard you! After receiving an onslaught of requests for an Android App, we knuckled down and built one. And we think you'll agree - it's totally awesome!

Here's what you can you do with it:

  • Manage your Cozi family calendar right from your phone. Cozi Family Organizer Premium
  • Access your grocery list - when you are at the store.
  • Add a to do list item right when you think of it - and have it RIGHT THERE in your pocket to remind yourself.
  • Jot down a memory as it happens in your family journal. Add a photo right from your phone too.

What we call it: Cozi Family Organizer Premium

This ad-free version is available for a one-time charge of just $1.99. Once you purchase the Cozi Family Organizer Premium app, all future upgrades are absolutely free.

Important! The price of Cozi Family Premium Android App WILL GO UP after the end of the year, so get it now at this discounted, introductory rate!

Or, if you don't mind advertisements, just WAIT. There's a FREE version of the Cozi Android app - with ads - coming out soon. Your Cozi, your choice. 

How to get it:

To get the Cozi Family Organizer Premium App, search for Cozi in the Android market from your Cozi Family Organizer Premium phone. Then, just click to download it.

Note! The Cozi Android App works on phones running Android 2.1 or higher. Cozi will not appear in the Market search results unless you are running Android 2.1 or higher.* Android upgrades can be done on many, but not all phones. Call your mobile carrier to check. Also, this app is currently available only in the US and Canada. We hope to add international availability in the future.

So if you have an Android phone, go check out the Cozi Family Organizer Premium App for Android today.

*To check what version of Android you have:

Click "settings" on your phone
Click "about phone"
Look at the version number noted under "Firmware"



Great, so when can we expect a Blackberry app. Blackberry has been around for a lot longer than both of the phones you currently have apps for, yet it is the last one to get an app.


I'd like to see a Windows Phone 7 application.


Hallelujah!!! Cozi lists are the reason I got a smart phone (last week). This is perfect timing for me!


So HAPPY I found Cozi! Even happier there's as Android app for it! Thank you to whomever thought this all inclusive calendar!


THANKS!! I love cozi, it is such a huge life saver. Im probably going to sneak and put it on my hubby's phone tonight so he can see his to do list!


Awesome! Thanks so much. I look forward to downloading once and using often!


Hope you'll consider an app for the new Windows Phone 7.


Glad you got a new app, but what about Blackberry?!?!?!?!


Woohoo! I've been waiting for this! Thanks Cozi team :-)


Can't get it on the android. I've been searching for 2 hours. and it doesn't show up on the android market.


YAY YAY YAY! My life has just been made simple! Thank You!


I second that request for a Blackberry app. Please make a Blackberry app. I LOVE using Cozi but am so frustrated that I can't access the to do lists via the mobile website.


Yes, a Blackberry app would be HUGE!! I still can't even access the mobile version on my BB Curve.

sabrina douglas

How exciting does that sound? I have a fiance, 2 kids, a full time job (that i love) and along with all that I have a metro pcs phone that I can barely text on! Couldn't imagine being able to be that organized!!!


I can't find the app in the marketplace. I tried "cozi" or "cozi family organizer". I'm using a Motorola Droid running android 2.2


This is the best news of my day! THANK YOU COZI!!! My Droid's been begging for this!

Cozi Blog

Torey, I'm sorry that you're having trouble locating the Cozi app. If it's not visible, that means that it's not available for the OS version you're currently running. Could you please contact your carrier to find out about the possibility of upgrading your OS? It should work well on your phone if you're using 2.2, so I hope that your carrier can help further. If not, please send a message to for more assistance. Thanks!


I just got a new droid and one of the first apps I downloaded was the Cozi one - it's FANTASTIC. Absolutely love it! Much better than using the mobile site from my blackberry.


I am on 2.1 but still cannot see the app. Is it available outside the us?


I use the HTC desire HD, android 2.2, but i can't find it in the market:(, can you put a mobile bar code (i don't know how to say it in English, i hope you understand) so we can scan it and find the app that way.


I have a HTC Desire & can't find the app. Would it be anything to do with living in Australia?

cozi blog

Hi, I'm sorry for the trouble that some of you are experiencing with locating the Android app internationally. Currently, the Android app is only available in the US and Canada. We hope to offer access to other countries in the future. Please stay tuned! Thanks for your interest and for your patience!


I have the 2.1 version of android, when I search for Free Cozi or Free Cozi Family Organizer the only thing that comes up is the $1.99 app. I thought there was a free version!!!???How do I access that?

cozi blog

Misty, The free version (with ads) isn't available yet, but will be soon, so please stay tuned! Thanks!


Ok, please make this available outside the US & Canada. I'm in the UK, and would very much like to be able to use it. I'm running Android 2.2.

Carol Schiller

We hope to be able to offer the Android App in the international Android Marketplace by Spring. Be sure to fan our Facebook page to stay on top of the latest announcements!
Carol at Cozi


Hi there, I just found the info that the app isn't available outside the US&Canada. Do you have any information on when it will be released internationally? Days? Or weeks? Or months? O_o
By the way, I'm running Android 2.1 on my phone, and I live in Germany.
Thanks in advance!


Anke, The apps will be released to the international market, but it will take at least a few more months. Be sure to stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for announcements!
Carol from Cozi


I an in the US and running 2.2 but I cannot find the app in the market. Is there somewhere else I can get it?


Are you sure you are looking in the Android Marketplace? Some carriers have their own marketplace too, so in that case you must be sure to check the general Android Marketplace.
Carol from Cozi


I have Android 2.2.1, I live in US, I cannot find the Cozi app in the marketplace.


Right I have now upgraded to android 2.1 but can't get the app ib the UK :( Hope to see this asap.

Carol Schiller

Are you sure you are looking in the Android Marketplace? Some carriers have their own marketplace too, so in that case you must be sure to check the general Android Marketplace.
Carol from Cozi

MJ Higgins

The calendar won't load from my laptop to my Droid X, 2.1 update 1. So far, no help from Cozi. Anyone else having this problem?


Does the calender update from Google calender to the Cozi? I don't see appointments I made today on my laptop on my Cozi calender on my Droid..?


Will this app sync to my android calendar? It's already full of stuff and I hate to think I will have to enter it twice.


The COZI calender on my laptop will not load onto my EVO Android phone. I get a "Yourcalender could not be loaded" message advising "It is possible you've found a bug"
Any suggestions/help from COZI?


On the app, is there a way to show only appointments for certain people or will it always show everyone's appointments? thanks

Carol Schiller

Misrty, Here's a workaround you could try: Upload all your Android appointments to a Google Calendar. Then you can just import all your Google cal appointments to Cozi.
This will work, but be aware that Cozi is designed to READ your Google calendar, not to edit it. So if you want to change appointments and not have to import over time, start adding new appointments to Cozi, until eventually everything is switched over.
Here is the link to instructions on doing it:

Carol at Cozi

Carol Schiller

Are you using the Cozi app for Android? In that case, no syncing is necessary. If you don't have it yet, just download the app from the Android marketplace (it's just $1.99) and you will see everything on your calendar exactly the way it is input in Cozi.

If you are getting this error message within the app, would you please email support(at)cozi(dot)com and give us more details so we can check it?

We need: the email address you use to login; the operating system of your Android phone; confirmation that you are in the United states (the app is not available in the international marketplace yet); and any notes you can give us on what steps you took before getting this message. Please put "error message when using Cozi Android app" in the subject line.

Carol Schiller

Right now there is no way to change the view in the app to show only one person's appointments.But we have received several requests for it, so we are going to look at what we be involved in developing that feature.


I can't find the Cozi App on the android market place at all (from my phone (which is running Android 2.2) or my computer. Is it still available?

Carol Schiller

Are you outside the United States? The app won't be released in the international marketplace until sometime around May.
Carol from Cozi


When can we expect an internatinal iOS version of Cozi (I live in Ukraine and would love to use it here) Thanks


Hello For some reason I can't get cozi canlendar to send text to my phone I was with sprint and now i'm with metro pcs why doesn't it work now please!!! help!!

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