November 16, 2010

Think Every Mom Could Use a Smartphone? Blog About it for Up to $250.

Here at Cozi we think a smartphone is a pretty indispensable tool for modern family life. That's why we built the Cozi iPhone App, Cozi Mobile App, and now the new Cozi Android App. With these apps alone, Cozi users get instant access to the whole family's schedule, to do lists, and much more.

In short, we think a smartphone is the PERFECT gift for mom this holiday season. And we want everyone to know about it. Which is why we are paying some cold hard cash for blog posts that do the best job of spreading the word. In fact we, are paying up to $250.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Write a post called 5 Great Reasons To Buy Mom (or Dad!) a Smartphone for the Holidays (or something very much like that)
  • Tweet out the link to YOUR post using the hashtag #CoziHoliday
  • Tweet out a link to THIS post telling your tweeps about this opportunity, also using the hashtag #CoziHoliday
  • Leave a comment below with the link to your post (so I can find it quickly

The deadline is December 15th.


TWO winners will be chosen.

  • First prize: $250
  • Second prize: $150


It is NOT required that you mention Cozi or the Cozi Apps in your post, although if you do, we would be delighted if you use the anchor text "online calendar" when you link to us.

Posts will be judged on several criteria including: persuasiveness, entertainment value, usefulness to the reader of the particular type of blog you write, and the amount of buzz it generates, as measured by the number of comments, Facebook posts and/or tweets generated.

There is no need to ask a bunch of friends and family to artificially inflate your comment numbers. This is not a popularity contest, and if you write a great post with only 3 comments, you are just as likely to win as someone with 25 comments on one crafted with less writerly care.

Judging will be completely subjective.

As always, feel free to complain about the contest, the rules, or anything else sticking in your craw. Everyone needs to blow off a little steam now and again.


As you can see, nothing about this contest is designed to drive Cozi sign-ups, send traffic to our site, or trade on your fame. It's about rewarding great bloggers for great writing on a topic worth sharing. And helping mom get that smartphone.

Good luck!


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Just wanted to share my post of my top 5 reasons to buy Mom or Dad a smartphone for Christmas!

Thanks for considering my post!


Here's my entry, from a travelers perspective:

Maribel Ibrahim

Hi Gang,
Here are my Top 5 for Frugal Mamas (and Papas) everywhere...
The Frugal Writer

Maribel Ibrahim

Sorry.... forgot to add the direct link to the post!


Julie B.

Blog and Tweet's done, here's my link!


Thank you for the chance!


Hmm... better late than never? Here's my post! Great idea, Carol and the Cozi Crew. I think this made a pretty darn good post! :)


Better late than never. I really need to get my timing down. lol. Sliding in last minute, here's my post! Thanks for the great opportunity, Cozi!!


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