November 29, 2010

FlyLady and Cozi: Two Great Brands Partner to Get You Organized

Imagine a dream partnership where the very best advice in keeping chaos and clutter under control is matched with the smoothest, most effective tools to help you stay on top of what needs to be done.

That dream is reality now that Cozi has partnered with best-selling author and organizing mentor extraordinaire, Marla Cilley -- best known to her millions of fans as the FlyLady.

What this means for you:

If you are NEW to Cozi and already use FlyLady:

SIGN UP for the FlyLady Online Organizer right now, to start flying online.

  • You'll get the FlyLady's Exclusive Guide to Flying Online along with all the amazing functionality of Cozi's online calendar, to do lists, grocery lists, family journal and much more.
  • Start looking for announcements about using your FlyLady Online Organizer in your Daily Flight Plan.
  • Be sure to download the Cozi App on your iPhone or Android phone (or for the BlackBerry) so all your FlyLady Online Organizer data will be instantly accessible from your phone anytime you need it.

If you are already have a Cozi account BUT are NEW to FlyLady:

  • Check out the FlyLady's amazing system for keeping your house and your life chaos-free at
  • Watch for guest posts starting in December from Marla Cilley (the FlyLady) on Live Simply, including downloadable versions of her Detailed Cleaning Lists for each Zone of your house.
  • Connect with other FlyLady fans at the FlyLady Facebook Fan Page.

If you are ALREADY Flying with FlyLady AND already have a Cozi account:

  • Congratulations! You are already well on your way to FLYing.
  • You can still get ALL the benefits of a FlyLady Organizer account by following the Daily Flight Plan tips and downloading FlyLady lists, which will be fully compatible with Cozi.
  • If you want to get the FlyLady's Exclusive Guide to Flying Online you CAN STILL GET IT, if you are already a Flybaby, and already have a Cozi account. Just send an email to , put FLYGUIDE in the subject line, and hit send.
  • If you want to switch your Cozi account to a FlyLady Online Organizer account, please contact us.

Excited? Got questions? Post them here and we'll answer them as fast as we can.





I am new to Cozi, but not Flylady... and I signed up as the new to both option... how long does it take for her lists and things to populate?


Just signed up for a Cozi account--not sure how to integrate the Flylady info?

Jennifer bracewell

Hello. I signed up for cozi today via the flylady link. I can't see any flylady content. I also purchased the iPhone app. Please let me know what I'm missing. Thank you.

Kathy M

I just signed up for Cozi and am already a member of Flylady so how do you get the Flyguide? I don't use MS Outlook.


I am so glad have been using flylady for awhile. But I wish there was a way to link an existing cozi account. I should have waited just signed on for cozi about a week or so ago.


Will those of us who already have a Cozi account and use FlyLady eventually be able to add FlyLady Detailed Cleaning Lists for each zone directly to our on-line cozi account as the newbies are able to do through FlyLady? I have a MAC so downloading is not an option but, I'd love to have her lists and such right in my Cozi account.



Is there any way to get the messages as texts on the cell instead of emails? My iPhone is not good with the battery, and the emails, fb, games all eat it up quickly.


Hi I live in the uk, I've signed up but can't find the iPhone app , what am I doing wrong!!


I signed up for the FLYLady/Cozi service but when I login all I get is a flylady background and nothing else on the screen. Are you just overwhelmed today? I have tried reloading/refreshing the page and going out and logging back in but still get just the background pic.

Chasity Ivy

Hi, is there anyway to delete a Cozi account so that I can then sign up for the Flylady one?


I have been flying (not always with the reminders) for 12 years. People are amazed when they come to our house that we do not have a maid and that 7 people live here! Thanks to FlyLady and Cozi (since 2008). Best of luck to you on your journey out of CHAOS ;-)


I wish we could switch to the Flylady Organizer Calendar. It seems like adding Flylady stuff to the current calendar will be a pain. Which is why I hadn't done it yet myself.


Where do I find the Daily Flight Plan tips and FlyLady lists on my Cozi page?


How do you download the Flylady lists? I already have a Cozi accounnt and don't want to create a new one.

Just Jess

Hi, I signed up in response to the email to get the online Flylady organizer. Don't have anything yet and it keeps telling me I have to log in. When I log in there is still no Flylady stuff


So is there difference between the regular cozi and the FlyLady Online Organizer. I kinda like the few screenshots that I have already seen for the fly lady version. is there any plans in the future to be able to switch without a complete new cozi acct.


I have signed up and set up a Cozi Calendar and then synced my appointments from Google Calendar which worked BUT they have disappeared from Google Calendar as well, is this normal? Is it not possible to use both?


I have a cozi account that I don't use, but now that you've partnered with Flylady I'd like to try it out. Can I cancel my account and re-open it so that I can start fresh with the flylady online organizer?


Re: FlyLady and Cozi!
FINALLY!!!! And, Thank you!!!


I have a Motorola Backflip phone. So, I don't think any of the cozi apps will download to my phone, right? What can I do???


When will Flylady downloads be available? Did i read correctly that we can have Zone cleaning and daily flight plans synced to our calendars? I'm not sure I am clear about how Cozi and Flylady are directly related aside from the fact that she had recommended this site for planning.


What if we are already FLYing, but are new to Cozi?


How soon will I be able to add my Daily Flight Plan and FlyLady lists to my Cozi calendar. I haven't found any links on either website (flylady or cozi)

Diane, Denmark

Thank you! Have signed up and can't wait to use it on my iPhone. For some reason, I'm unable to access the iPhone app. Is it only available to those in the US?


HELP - I have an account with Cozi and FLYLADY so I went to send the email to sign up. BUT I don't have a user name and password for the Microsoft Outlook Web APP. I tried typing in the address to send the email but that didn't work. Any suggestions?


this us a program I"am looking for thank you.


I think you are saying that if I am already a cozi user, I can't take advantage of the new flylady online organizer without losing my calendar and starting over. Is that correct? I hope not...that would sure be a bummer for your loyal, long-time users....

Canadian Flybaby

Wow - two of my favorite tools come together! Thanks so much to both Flylady and Cozi for making my and my family's life easier.


yes! can't wait to get started!


I want the flyguide, but it won't let me sign in....


This is excellent; I'm so excited!!!


Just signed up, but don't see flylady's


where do i find this or how do i do this...BUT you can still get ALL the benefits of a FlyLady Organizer account by following the Daily Flight Plan tips and downloading FlyLady lists, which will be fully compatible with Cozi.
I am not having any luck figuring it out. please help.


I would love it but how can I get it if I am already a customer of both plans?


So if you do not switch your existing COZI account to a FlyLady Online Organizer account by emailing -- what will be missing from your calendar? If you leave it the same do you have to manually download the fight plan and lists each day?

dori jenkins

i'm trying to get on the outlook email and it keeps saying my user name or password is wrong. i just signed up for cozi so i KNOW its right. can you help?


I am grateful to FlyLady for introducing my to Cozi. Will you be automatically adding her reminders to our To Do lists or Calendar or will we need to add them ourselves?

Carol Schiller

Hi everyone, This is Carol from Cozi.
I'll try to answer everyone's questions as follows:

Phones: The iPhone and Android apps are ONLY available in the USA at this time. They will be released to the international market soon, probably by late spring.

These apps cost $1.99 (once) for the ad-free version. You will be able to get a free version -- WITH ads -- starting around January.

The mobile app is free and available to everyone right NOW.

The FlyLady content does NOT come pre-loaded on either the Cozi or FlyLady Online Organizer.

This downloadable content will be released slowly, over time, through the FlyLady's regular communication channels. When it comes out, you will be instructed on what to download.

This slow release is designed to prevent people from feeling overwhelmed. You wouldn't want to clean your whole house in one day, would you?!

If you are new to Cozi, for now, just sign up and get your account set up with your whole family's information.

If you already have a Cozi account, watch your FlyLady emails for the coming content.

And if you want to SWITCH, please email and explain that you are a flybaby and want to have the FlyLady version.

If you don't want to switch, but DO want the FlyLady's Guide to FLYing online, just follow the instructions in the post above to get it.

And finally, be sure to fan our Cozi Facebook page, where you can ask questions and stay in touch with other Cozi users and flybabies who use Cozi!


Susan Heider

To all of you who are having issues with the Outlook Pop-up thing. I'm not sure why it's there but I just canceled/closed the window & sent off the email to Cozi support from my regular email interface. My guess is that it might be small linking issue because it's trying to go MS Exchange which is an email server. Likely the program used by the person who wrote the blog entry.


The screen saver is the coolest thing I've ever seen. WAAAY better than single pics scrolling. I can't stop looking!! :)


Because I am limited in my monthly download amounts, and because I am very anti-advertising, I am not impressed to see advertisements appearing on my page. Is there away to block them? Or is that the 'price' of using this application?

Erika Felt

I think I'm confused a little lol
I have the FlyLady cozi calendar now and have even put stuff on it..I don't think that I've gotten the FlyLady's Exclusive Guide to Flying Online.
Could somebody point me in the right direction?


This is just the best news! I am a longtime flybaby and I have just been waiting for something like this! Thank you so much, Cozi!


I am so thrilled to have access to this aspect of FLYLady's program. I have been fluttering for several years and want to make sure that I have done all I need to do to have access to the Cozi Organizer. I did not see a link to what to do if you are already following the FLYLady system but are new to Cozi. Thanks for you assistance. Carrol


To all those who commented above me. To change your acct to a flylady account open YOUR email program using the email you signed up with and send an email to saying you want to switch.

If you click on the email link it brings you to an online webmail...DON'T USE THAT. Just copy the support email (highlight then ctrl+ c. or right click>select copy), open whatever email program you use normally and send it from there.


I sincerely hope this remains OPTIONAL because my experiences with flylady's site was less than optimal. It was annoying and didn't apply to my life and was too rigid to adapt to what I needed.


The only option not available is "Already FLYing BUT new to Cosi"!! So what's up if that is my situation?


Will the flylady content be available in the apps for phones? I just downloaded the app for my android, and sent the conversion email to support, will it change my app's layout as well?



I already have a Cozi account and so read through the PDF we receive when emailing as mentioned above. It states that we need to create a calendar called "HOUSE". I am not sure how to do that in the current version of Cozi (non FLYLADY). I can have the views of all the family members only. Does this mean I need to add "HOUSE" as a family member? If that's the case, then how can I assign items to family members? So as Sara asked, are there features we are not getting from the "regular" Cozi that is available on the FLYLADY version? Thanks.


Your hyperlink above is linked to a website to sign up with Microsoft Outlook Web App. instead of linking to an email to Flylady.
This is the paragraph the messed up link is found in:

"If you want to get the FlyLady's Exclusive Guide to Flying Online you CAN STILL GET IT, if you are already a Flybaby, and already have a Cozi account. Just send an email to, put FLYGUIDE in the subject line, and hit send."

Gwen Griffin

Why is this so hard to do? Think I've done all you ask but not on. I love the idea and love all you do to inspire me.


Carol Schiller

Hi everyone, I am really sorry about the incorrect email hyperlink. I have corrected that now, so the email address just needs to be copied and pasted to your email client. Be sure to replace the words at with an "@" and the dot with a "."
Carol at Cozi

Carol Schiller

The ads pay for Cozi, so that you (and everyone) can get it for free. But you can also buy either the iPhone or Android Apps for your smart phone, for just $1.99. Then you will get an ad-free Cozi experience on your phone.

Carol Schiller

To get the FlyLady Guide to FLYing Online, sign up to get the FlyLady Online Organizer. You will see "ads" inside that link you right to this FREE content.
Carol at Cozi

Carol Schiller

Please click on the link that says Sign Up for The FlyLady Online Organizer. It will take you right to the FREE sign up information.
Carol at Cozi

Carol Schiller


If you are already Flying and new to Cozi, all you have to do is SIGN UP for the FlyLady online Organizer. It's the orange link at the top of the blog post. Welcome!

Carol Schiller

Everything in your FlyLady Online Organizer account WILL be visible in the Cozi apps for your phone. We are working on adding the FlyLady colors to the apps, but it will take some time.

Carol Schiller

Nope, the FlyLady and Cozi information and functionality is EXACTLY the same. Please ask the FlyLady team about these instructions, since they are special instructions for Flybabies. (I will ask too, but it mat take a little while to come back and post the answer here.) thanks!


So explain what happens if we request to switch to a FlyLady Online Organizer account.

Carol Schiller


What part are you stuck on? Did you sign up? Start here and let me know if you are still confused:

Carol Schiller

Basically you will get an email from Cozi explaining exactly what will happen if you switch and asking you to confirm that you want to. If you still do, they will make the switch. But it may take up to a week for you to see the complete changeover, because our support team is VERY busy with all the new flybaby accounts. Thanks for your patience!

Carol Schiller

Hi everyone, If you asked a question here that has still not been answered, would you please either:
1. Come over to our Facebook page and ask it at This way I can answer directly to your post.
2. Re-ask here and I will try to get to everyone's question as quickly as possible, so the answers are closer to the questions? Thanks!
Carol at Cozi


Thank you Carol, your info was very helpful and I am enjoying my 'new' calendar. This is very helpful to my 'flying' (days) daze!


I just sent for the Flyguide, so I'm not sure if the answer is in there, but how do I get the Flylady lists to download to my calendar? On the sign-up page it advertised that we would be able to do this, but I'm not sure how. Thanks.


I can't get the flylady download on my cozi calendar. I tried using all the links.... Nothing happens. Even emailed the flylady at the email id provided.


ok. I don't get it. I have been with Flylady for a long time, and have added Cozi. I now have Cozi - with a link to flylady. where are those 'flylady lists' or whatever???


I don't have an iPhone, Android phone or a Blackberry only a computer. I only have a regular phone with internet capabilities but don't use it can I still get all the other organizational including the calander?


Don't worry, you can still access all Cozi features from your computer.
^Carol at Cozi


I have paper calendars/planners that I already use, but would like the zone cleaning lists etc.
How do I get those specifically


I have a iPad. Why can't I get the Flylady calendar? Am I suppose to write it all out myself in the "TO Do Lists"?

Carol Schiller

Mary, You have two ways to look at Cozi on your iPad:
1. You can download the iPhone app, which works but is optimized for the size of an iPhone
2. Open Safari and just look at Cozi as you would on your computer. Since the screen is smaller than a typical computer, you may have to scroll to see all your data.
Personally, I would pick option #2, but it's entirely up to you.
Carol at Cozi


I saw a post on Facebook today about FlyLady and cozi "partnering" now.
I had an old cozi account (with an email address that I DO want to use) that I never used much.
FlyLady provided the following link for her people who already have cozi:
It does not work. I get a message saying that the switch was unable to be performed.
Why? How do we fix this?
Thank you very much.


Candy, Please try this link instead:
That should do it!
^Carol at Cozi


I tried the new link and it worked. Thanks so much. I am going to share it on Facebook for those that are still having trouble. Thanks again. I love Flylady, she keeps me sane.


Help. I can't find the link to the pdf file that is called:


Can someone please tell me where I can find the link online?

Thank you.


I noticed that obtaining a 'free online' calendar/organizer is possible if we joined 'cozi'. I did join Cozi, however am unable to find the online calendar/organizer...any suggestions???


Once you sign up for Cozi, you will see a bunch of tools including a calendar, to do lists and shopping lists. These tools ARE your free calendar and organizer. All you have to do now is set up your family (in settings) and start putting in your appointments and items to buy or do. ^carol from cozi


How do I connect FlyLady to my Cozy Calendar?


How do I remove FlyLady as my home setting and go back to Cozi


I found it guys! You have to add each zone list manually. Here are 2 links - - click on Fly Zone 1 - the scroll to bottom and click add to To-Do list. - to add the calendar do this: 2. In Cozi, click "Settings", then click "Calendar options" and then click "Schedules and Internet Calendars."
3. On the "Schedules and Internet Calendars" page, scroll down and then click "Add Internet calendar."
4. On the "Add an Internet Calendar to your family's calendar" page, scroll down to the section "Add an Internet Calendar of your own" and paste the URL (that you copied in step 1) into the box
5. Click Add
6. Next you will be asked "Whose calendar should events from FlyLady Zones for 2011 appear on?" make your selection and click "Subscribe to Calendar" - the link is


Hi, This was really easy. I'm a Mac user and when clicked on the sign up link in Flylady's email suddenly the zones all popped up on my existing iCal. Will Kelly's missions be on Cosi calendar?


Hey everyone,
I am using just a plain old laptop and have started a new account with Cozi and FlyLady etc. I would hate to see people abandoning this tool when I feel there is alot to be gained from the combined usage ~ well just my thoughts, lol.

Copy and paste this link into a new tab/window in the address bar:

On this new page from FlyLady, the instructions to import the cleaning lists and zone lists are there for step-by-step help. Just access your Cozi account and follow all of FlyLady's prompts.

If you need help with doing this on PC, I may be able to help, but I am definitely no IT whiz or techie of any kind...
Good luck and warmest blessings,

Nancy Robinson

Will Kelly's Missions be on the Cozi calendar sometime soon, pretty please?

Nancy Robinson

Will the Riley's Challenges be added to the Cozi calendar, too, pretty please?


hello!!! Cozi is great ad I use it online. I finally bought an iphone and the first thing I wanted to download was the Cozi calendar, BUT, I live in Italy and the Itunes store will not let me download it because I have to register as an Italian and I cannot go to the American iTunes store. Is there a solution?


Hi! I got the url adress for the zone calendar (Flylady e-mail) I just can't get address correct (or so Cozi tells me) What have I done wrong? May there be an error with te URL?


I finally got the zones on my calendar!

Here is how you add the Zones to your FlyLady Online Organizer powered by Cozi:

1. Log into your FlyLady Online Calendar:
Copy this URL
2. In Cozi, click "Settings", then click "Calendar options" and then click "Schedules and Internet Calendars."
3. On the "Schedules and Internet Calendars" page, scroll down and then click "Add Internet calendar."
4. On the "Add an Internet Calendar to your family's calendar" page, scroll down to the section "Add an Internet Calendar of your own" and paste the URL (that you copied in step 1) into the box
5. Click Add
6. Next you will be asked "Whose calendar should events from FlyLady Zones for 2011 appear on?" make your selection and click "Subscribe to Calendar"

That's it! You have now added the zones for 2011 to your calendar! You will always know what zone we are in! (This is a calendar only for the Zones, Zone 3 "another room" will be announced each week and added to calendar automatically, does not include Missions or any other information)


Does anyone know if there is a way to put a star on your cozi calendar? I would love to add a star when I did my work out or did my habit for the month.

Sabrina Smith

I am so excited to see if this helps my husband and I try to get control of things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for pairing up these two wonderful tools and for all the tips on how to make them work together!!!


I am brand new to both FlyLady and Cozi. I did find both the calendar (thanks to the posts here) and the checklist for each zone.

I was wondering if FlyLady happened to have the Baby Steps for your first month in Cozi checklist form? If not, that might be a good thing to add. Among the last items could be instructions to put in the regular FlyLady Calendar and Zone checklists.


I'm kinda not getting this. If I want the daily flight plan, I have to add them myself every day? None of the missions or routines are loaded except for the Zones? This isn't much different than using any online calendar if I add everything myself.


Thank you to those of you who shared how to set up the Zone calendar and to-do lists!

Cozi & FlyLady, I love both of you, but this was not set up very well. I think having a partnership where we have to sign up for a specific FlyLady Cozi account should mean that these lists and calendars are already set up, rather than users having to search all over the place for them. If it hadn't been for the few who posted instructions, I would have abandoned this.

Rachel Prosser

I am in the uk and still unable to access the cozi app. is it now available internationally?


Rachel - I emailed Cozi about a UK app and this is what they said:
"Thanks for using Cozi, and for your interest in using the Cozi phone app!

I'm sorry that our phone app isn't yet available internationally. We are currently working to add a few additional features to make it usable internationally. For example, we are adding an option for 24-hour time, and an option to enter appointments in the internationally standard date format that isn't currently included in Cozi. As soon as we add these features, we'll release the app internationally.

Again, I'm sorry that it's not yet possible for you to download the app in your country, but I hope that you'll have an opportunity to use it in the near future!

Thanks for your patience!"

Maria Delgado

Best directions i've found.


I have been seeing references that Cozi will be uk friendly 'soon' for ages. How long roughly is the 'near future?'
Thanks muchly.

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