October 13, 2010

Need Maps? Just Add Your ZIP Code To Cozi!

If you need a map to your daughter’s soccer game or to your son’s band performance, you can view a map as soon as you enter your appointment location into Cozi.

To enable the map feature, all you need to do is add your ZIP code into your settings page. With this reference, Cozi will provide a map of the event location. You can also get full directions to and from your appointment, powered by Google Maps. Get_Map_Cozi3

This map feature is so smart that it can often generate your map information even if you haven't entered a street address. For example, if you know the name of the park where your tournament is being held, you could enter just the park name, and the map feature will use your ZIP code to generate the most likely match in your area.

To enter your ZIP code into Cozi, just click on Settings and then select General Household Information. From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter your ZIP, and then click on Done to save your data.

To add location information for an appointment, just click on the appointment to open it. From there, add your location name or address in the Where field. As soon as you start to enter an address, the word Map will appear to the right of this text box. Just click on that link to view your map!



Is this feature ever going to be something us Canadians can use? I would love it and I'm sure many others would as well!

Brenda Lyles

thank you for the online cal.I put this info on my desktop, also.

Robin Frisella

I definitely will use the maps! Thanks for helping me organize the world!


I'm an international user too and so typing in my zip code doesn't do anything, but I found another way to do it:

Specify your city name (and your country since some cities exist in more than one country) in the location, google maps will understand that.

so instead of typing the appointment in as:

Train arrives at 9am on Monday at Nyugati, write "Train arrives at 9am on Monday at Nyugati train station, Budapest Hungary" and then when you click the appointment it will show you a map.

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