September 17, 2010

Look Who WON $1,000 for Using Cozi to Get on Top!

Congratulations to EVERYONE who is using Cozi to stay on top of family life. Just by being organized and having everything in one place where the whole family can see it, you've already won the biggest prize  - a more simplified and relaxed family life.

We were thrilled and AMAZED to see all the stories that came in on email, Facebook and even Twitter, telling us how people use Cozi to get on top of their family calendar, schedules and so much more.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories!

Now for the good part...

As promised, we chose THREE random entries from among the thousands that we got. And the winners are:

  • Tara Smith - just started using Cozi on TUESDAY. Wow. She is setting up a special birthdays tab and using Cozi to manage her family calendar.
  • Karen Plunkett - is keeping track of her four kids many activities, and using their shared calendar to keep dad, and even far-away grandparents in the loop.
  • Maura Storace - is using Cozi to keep her kids on no-arguments schedule for their chores.

Congratulations ladies!  (Important: To claim your prize, please email right away to

Remember, even if you didn't win the cash, you DID win more relaxing time with your family and less time keeping track of and trying to communicate who is doing what. So go ahead and keep winning with Cozi by using it to get on top all year.








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