September 13, 2010

Extended! You Have Until September 16 to Get On Top!

All month long we've been encouraging families to take the hardest step of all in getting organized - the FIRST one.

And the results have been astonishing. Thousands of families have signed on to Cozi and started using it to plan their busy lives. And then they've come back to tell us how HAPPY they are they did it.

So we've decided to extend the good karma for THREE MORE DAYS.

But that's it. Entries to win $1,000 for I'm on Top of It Day will absolutely, positively close at midnight Pacific Time on September 16th.

So check out what I'm On Top of It Day is all about and enter now.


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Steve Gwilliam

I am doing better keeping track of our busy lives, but I still need to get better. Last week, my son Steven Jr. was given an assignment to give a talk in church on Sunday the 12th of Sept. I didn't put it on the calendar. Sunday morning he remembered the assignment and we frantically put together a talk. It could have all been avoided if we had put it on the calendar. Lessons like this make it easier to keep our calendar up-to-date. It is a big stress reliever.


It makes it more easy for me with four kids I can see what I have plan today and try to make a better effort to do my best as a mother


I used the snack ideas for kids and it was a success. My son had fun too.

Kayla Tapley

I love Cozi! It's sooo awesome and helps me with so much. Coziaholic right here!!


Thank you for extending this, considering I just found you today!!!! I was looking for a calender that would be easy to share with my family AND my ex's wife, with out having to go into my personal calender! This is my answer, Cozi is perfect for what I need! Thank you!!!

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