September 27, 2010

Announcing... the Cozi Family eCookBook: 25 Easy, Fast and Delicious Family Weeknight Recipes

Wouldn't you just LOVE some new dinner recipes? Recipes that are easy for you to make AND that your family will love?

The Cozi family cookbook is filled with 25 of the best family weeknight recipes ever. What makes the cut as a GREAT family recipe at Cozi? It has to be:

  • Easy and fast to make
  • Simple enough to not make your whole kitchen dirty
  • Affordable
  • Reasonably healthy
  • Delicious
  • Made from normal ingredients you can get anywhere and usually have on hand
  • Something kids AND parents will want to eat again and again

Where did we get these fantastic family dinner recipes? In the Cozi No Fail Dinner Ideas contest of course! Now we've selected the VERY BEST (the top 25 actually) and put them into a gorgeous, easy-to-use FREE eCookBook JUST FOR YOU.

If you are already signed-up for Cozi, you will see the link to it right on your homepage. If you haven't tried Cozi yet, sign up by October 21st, and get your free cookbook right away!

Happy eating!




Please add a menu planning feature with an automatic feed to the shopping list like "Say Mmm" website. Also, Say Mmm site has a shopping list organization feature to arrange the list by store area: dairy, produce, etc.

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