August 23, 2010

Service Upgrades Occuring Today Due To Record Traffic

We are conducting some technical upgrades today that will affect Cozi service for several hours. Normally, we perform service like this late at night, but we had such a large spike in traffic over the weekend, we must do them now.

Here's what will happen:

  • You may experience difficulty accessing some or all of the Cozi features.
  • The To Do lists will be temporarily disabled.
  • Our engineers will work feverishly hard. 
  • Your data will be 100% safe and SAVED, just not visible during the work.

Here's why our traffic is so high:

  • Back to school is always a peak season for Cozi usage, as families get busy adding updated calendars and activities and get their Fall schedules organized.
  • I'm On Top Of It Day is just 3 weeks away, and loads of new people are using it as a good reason to get organized now.
  • Our PTA/PTO Facebook promotion is introducing tons of new families to Cozi.

We will post again here as soon as full service is restored. Thanks for your patience, and for using Cozi in record numbers!

The Cozi Team!






It would be nice for people to be able to add a comment when they add their smily face. Love the website so far...thanks! :)

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