August 16, 2010

It's Back! The Cozi Back-To-School PTA/PTO Sponsorship

Could your school PTA/PTO use some extra cash this year? How about $500? How about $750? Then be sure to enter to win a Cozi sponsorship for your school!

Back to SchoolIn honor of back-to-school, Cozi is bringing back our super-popular PTA/PTO sponsorship. And since we know school budgets are tighter than ever, we're upping the prize to up to $750 bucks! That's cold, hard cash your PTA/PTO can use to handle anything the school needs: Buy supplies, pay for a new piece of equipment or even buy a closet full of healthy snacks for hungry kids.

Here's how to enter:

  1. Go to our Facebook page.
  2. If you're not already a fan, "click" Like so you can write on the Wall.
  3. Write the name of your school, the town and the state on the Wall. For example, Wonderful Elementary School, Excellentville, WA. Your Wall post counts as your official entry.

To get even more entries, share this article on Facebook, so all your friends can enter for your school (or their own.)

That's it! Anyone using Facebook can do this, and it only takes a minute or less to enter. All you have to do is get the word out to your school.


You may enter ONLY ONCE for your school. If you have three kids at three different schools, you may enter ONCE for each school.

If your spouse wants to enter separately to get an extra entry, that is FINE.

Feel free to invite aunts, grandparents, neighbors and friends to enter for your school. Every post on the Wall with the name and info for your school COUNTS. But each person may only enter ONCE.

The 3 winners will be chosen AT RANDOM. The more entries your school gets, the greater your school's chances of winning.

The prize is $500 for each winning school. If your school gets over 100 entries, the prize is automatically raised to $750 if your school wins.

Entries close on September 17, 2010 at midnight PST.

As always, feel free to complain about these rules, or anything else that is bugging you. Everyone needs to sound off now and again, especially busy families, so we are ready to smile, nod and sympathize.

Questions, comments, just want to share some love? Post it in the comments below. But FIRST, click over to the Cozi Facebook page and ENTER to WIN up to $750 for your school now!

Good luck!


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Hamilton PTA


Elaine, Be sure to post your entry on the Facebook page. Be sure toiInclude the name of your school, AND the city and state, so we can identify it. Thanks!
Carol @ Cozi

Jill Ivie

Oak Hill Elementary, Austin, TX

Gloria Petrella

Westview Elementry School, Wood Dale, IL

carol wohlgemuth

Burks Elementary-McKinney Tx


Can a preschool be eligible as well as elementary and higher? In case it matters, it's a non-profit cooperative preschool. Thanks for your consideration!

Nicole Marino

G.W. Krieger Pta Poughkeepsie, Ny


Spring Garden Elementary, Bethlehem, pa

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