August 19, 2010

Get on Top... of Sports Activities

This spring I faced down two older kids on swim team, a job, AND a four year old -- all at the same time. Here's how I did it:

  • First, I printed out the team schedule BEFORE the season started. Dates, times, locations, the works.
  • Next, I grabbed a gigantic bag of chips and a large bottle of Diet Coke, and cranked up the soundtrack to Glee. Then, I added EVERY SINGLE THING to my Cozi calendar. I admit, this took a while. The chips didn't help, so I recommend against that step for future reference.
  • Once I could see the whole season laid out on my calendar, I realized that there was only one "away" meet per week. But I also realized that I'd have to leave work early, AND the meets would go way, way past my 4 year old's bed time.
  • So, I called my babysitter and booked her to stay later on "away" meet nights. I didn't have to explain all the dates and times, because she could see it all just by logging in.
  • Then, I called my husband and explained that there wouldn't be time to fix dinner at home on meet nights. He agreed to grab his own (he thinks team sports are the bomb), and I decided that the standard swim meet menu of baked potatoes, instant ramen and hot chocolate aren't such bad dinner options after all. (It's freezing here in Seattle when swim season starts.)

How does this help you?

Simple. If you've got a kid in sports, put EVERYTHING related to that sport in Cozi. If you use it for nothing else but this, you are absolutely guaranteed to have a super easy way to keep track of every single game, meet, practice and award ceremony.

Even better, anyone who needs to know what is happening, when and where -- your (older) kids, spouse, babysitter, grandparents -- can see it without YOU having to follow up and make sure they have all the right details.

And if you happen to have a smart phone, you can carry it all in your pocket using our wicked iPhone App or the mobile app

Have you used Cozi to get on top of your kids' sports schedule? Leave a comment below to be entered to win $1,000!


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Julie Fisher

I love being able to set a reminder to my husband automatically and the agenda for the week --- instead of him asking me everyday when and where do the kids play --- yahooo --

Amyjoy W.

On the weekend I love to print off the week ahead and post it on the refrigerator. It is nice and big, color coded by family member, and leaves enough space for us to add those "spontaneous" events.

My favorite part, though, is taking a moment to write on each day what the plan is for dinner that night. There are times when I'm running late and I come home to my family cooking dinner already because they can see what has been planned! (And all the ingredients are there because of my shopping list, but that's another post!!) LOVE IT!!


I used it for my three kids that were all in different sports. I was able to place all the sports in one place and then my husband and I would mark who was in charge of picking up. Then only the events that I would attend ended up on my calendar and the ones he had to attend were on his. It worked out great to make sure that transportation was always available ahead of time.


I use it to keep of my 2 daughters school and after-school activities. We have dance classes, soccer practicies, dance rehearsals, and soccer games. We also subscribe to their school calendar and all the teacher work days and testing dates show right on the calendar. I love the agenda for the week which is e-mailed to myself and my husband.


I have to admit, my husband is the one that found and set up cozi for us. It is amazing. Anyone in our family can log in to see what sports activities are scheduled, rehearsals, doctor's appts, school meetings, holidays, finals, etc. Even grandparents can keep track of what their grandchildren are up to and when they are available. It is work to keep it current, but once it's in there, we can sync it with our phones or go online to use the calendar or other features. I've been so excited about cozi, that I've told friends and family about it. Some have come on board. They love it too! Thanks COZI!


I love having a calander filled in and then getting that email reminder on Sunday telling me what the week looks like!

Kimberly W

I love that when a game is postponed due to the weather, I can just click on that item and change the date/ fuss. The new game shows up in everyone's calender and there are no suprises, no matter who took the call about the delay.

Ani Rosales Riggs

I'm a single mom with four kids. I'm not sure how I lived before Cozi. I have football, travel soccer, basketball, ice hockey, piano, clairnet, girls scouts, 2 dogs, I go to college and my full time job! Thanks for keeping my life like the military...organized!

Rachel J.

4boyz@home plus a "yard only-no house keeping" hubby is sometimes CRAZY! I keep logging in and not finding the time to even plug in my calendar to get organized from reading all the other comments-lol. So thanks for making me feel better about being overwhelmed cause I see I'm not alone.


Just entered my kids sports schedules for the remainder of spring and leading into summer: hockey, track,soccer, karate,swim lessons and golf. Phew! Now to send off to the grandparents so I can avoid the nightly phone calls clarifying who's on what field at which time...

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