August 25, 2010

Get on Top... of Back To School Clutter

Do you have old backpacks, lunchboxes and school supplies cluttering up your house and closets?

Why not DONATE your used school supplies to a local community food and clothing bank so they can be shared with kids who would be thrilled to have these items.

Think "used" items aren't good enough to donate? Not so: Paige Collins, the manager at Providence Regina house in Seattle, WA explains,

"Every year I get TONS of our food bank families asking for school supplies and backpacks. As a mom, I cannot IMAGINE having to send kids to school the first day with nothing, not even a backpack. So any new or gently-used school supplies -- crayon packs, pencils, pens composition books -- are most welcome."

So take just 10 minutes right now, (yes NOW!) grab a big garbage bag and stuff it with those school supplies your kids will never use. And while you're at it, feel free to throw in a few jackets too.

Then drop it off at the clothing bank, and RELISH the good feeling of being organized AND helping your community.


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Paula Olson

What an important reminder! there are so many kids who could really use a few more supplies for school.

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