March 16, 2010

15 Super Shifts That Can Save Every Family Money

15 Super Shifts

Wondering if small changes can really make a big difference? According to Elizabeth Rogers, author of the new book, Shift Your Habit, the answer is a resounding YES. For this eco-expert, it's about doing everyday tasks in a smarter way and how small changes in behavior - shifts in habit - can make a huge difference for your family. So how do you sort through all the tips out there to know which are the most effective? Here, the 15 "super shifts" to get you started and save you over $2000 a year.

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Rich Dansereau

I think these are wonderful tips to help reduce household expenses. I have wondered two things for a while about some of these cost saving and eco-friendly options:
1. Have the reported savings factored in the cost in using the alternative presented (i.e. laundering re-usable cloths, cost of low flow nozzles, etc)
2. As eco-friendly goes, are the consumed resources involved in cleaning (making ready for use) re-usable items like lunchboxes, less than the resources consumed with the traditional alternative?
Just a couple of thoughts.

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