February 28, 2010

10 Best Toys from the 2010 Toy Fair

by Christine Tarbet

This year's Toy Fair in New York City had everything from computer programming Barbies (no computer programmer dresses like that!) to gelified bathwater. And everywhere you looked there were robots, robots, robots! We've included some of the coolest on our list of the 10 must-have toys of the Toy Fair 2010!

10. Evolvems


Why buy one adorable plush toy when you can buy two? Flip the Coelacanth inside-out, and you get the Ichthyosteg. And a learning experience to boot!  (Available now, $20)

9. DuneCraft Hydro-Dome

DuneCraft Hydro-Dome

Kids learn all about hydroponics by growing their own plants from seeds or root cuttings without soil.  Perfect for your little gardener or scientist, DuneCraft also has a host of other nature products for all ages. (Available now, $24.99)

8. Mattel (Tyco) RC Stealth Rides

RC Stealth Rides

Not only will your children love the Mattel (Tyco) RC Stealth Rides, but so will you. Ever trip over a ton of toy vehicles lying on the living room floor? Well, these cool little cars fold up and fit into their remotes. Awesome transformer-like action for your kids; awesome clean-up action for you. (Available August 2010, $25)

7. My First Green Toys

My First Green Tosy

This line of BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free toys is made from 100% recycled milk containers. Created for children as young as 6-months, the line includes blocks, a tugboat, and a plate and bowl set. You’ll feel good knowing the spoon your wee one puts in her mouth is safe and green. (Available spring 2010, various prices)

6. Bop-It! Bounce

Bop-It! Bounce

Hasbro takes its enormously popular Bop-It! game to the next level with Bop-It! Bounce, a trampoline-style game. Players will bounce a ball to the commands of the game, and the sensors will know just how high the ball goes. Sure to produce the next generation of Bop-It fanatics. (Available fall 2010, $19.99)

5. Xachi Pets

Xachi Pets

These aren’t your mother’s Tamagotchis! These iPhone/iPod Touch-controlled creatures dance, play games, and “grow” for your amusement. These sweet pets even have touch sensitivity, and you can monitor their progress via its application. (Available summer 2010)

4. Fisher Price Sing-A-Ma-Jigs


Who said auto-tune was dead? Alien-like plushies sing with each squeeze of their bellies and can harmonize with their Sing-A-Ma-Jig friends. What do they sound like? Kinda like T-Pain on helium, but they are oh-so-charming. (Available May 2010, $12.99)

3. Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck

Stinky the Garbage Truck

Who can resist a robotic garbage truck named Stinky, even if he does appear to have gastro-intestinal problems? Your little one will love feeding Stinky “garbage” as he cries for “More, more!”  (Available July, $59.99)

2. Dance Star Mickey

Dance Start Mickey

Move over, Elmo!  Mickey Mouse is in the house, and he’s got some serious dance moves! Mickey talks, claps, interacts, and even moonwalks. Start saving for Christmas now because your kids will definitely want this cuddly toy! (Available October, $69.99)

1. Fisher Price iXL

Fisher Price iXL

The iPad for the kiddie set, the iXL is PC and MAC compatible and features apps like a music player, story book and game player. This is one toy that’s beyond awesome and relatively affordable. Kudos, Fisher Price! (Available June, $80)

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