January 27, 2010

Is Your Grocery Bill Too High?

Is Your Grocery Bill Too High?

How much do you spend on groceries? Ever wonder how your family food budget compares to everyone else? If your family is like most Cozi families, saving on the weekly food bill is a priority for 2010. How will they do it? Sixty-four percent of families responded that they will use coupons, 58 percent will also shop sales and 52 percent will make shopping lists and stick to a food budget.

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Never forget your grocery list again so you buy only what you need with help from Cozi shopping lists - always as close as your mobile phone.

Want to really make a dent in your 2010 grocery bill? Cozi is celebrating 10 million items on Cozi shopping lists, and we’re giving away free groceries, gadgets, and more. Enter to win.

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I know my family tends to spend more on groceries than others. I'm looking to cut back on that though. I really like that picture that you posted with this. I wish Cozi could integrate these type of stats into our family profiles. That would be a vital and welcomed addition to our budget.

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