January 19, 2010

An Ice Skating Birthday Party

An ice-skating ring is a perfect outdoor winter venue for a party! A group skating session is usually inexpensive, and facilities typically offer a party room where you can host the lunch, cake, and presents. Planning this theme can take as little as 30 minutes, so if you don’t have a lot of time and want to hold your party outside of your home, this may be a great idea for you.

If so, here are a few suggestions and points to keep in mind as you plan:

  • Call the facility 4–6 weeks in advance to secure the party room.
  • You may want to ask whether a skating instructor is available to help the beginners learn to skate and teach a few moves to those who already know how.
  • Ask the facility if you can bring some themed decorations for the party room. Solid color party ware in light blue, silver, and white would be good choices for this theme, although any color scheme will work here. Balloons, streamers, and party ware are all easy decorations to bring the party room to life.
  • On the invitations, provide facility details, and make it clear that the kids’ admission will be taken care of. You will need to decide if you will also pay for skate rentals. If so, ask the parents to provide their kids’ shoe sizes when they RSVP. You can rent the skates upon your arrival and have them ready for the kids when they arrive. If you want guests to pay for their own skate rental, note this clearly on the invitation.
  • Consider making the invitation in the shape of a skate!
  • The main activity of the party will be skating! There is little need for you to plan additional activities or games. Let the kids get their skates on and enjoy the rink.
  • When the kids arrive, you may want to provide them with a name tag or something they can pin on themselves so you can easily identify which kids in the facility are attending your party. This can also be a party keepsake.
  • When the kids become tired, have them take a break. Often, skating facilities provide pizza or some other party food that kids enjoy. Make this arrangement with the facility beforehand.
  • If lunch will not be provided, handing out a bag filled with little treats, such as a bag of chips, piece of fruit, granola bar, popcorn ball, etc., may be a good idea.
  • For party favors, hand out little bags of ice skating stuff, such as a pair of gloves, hot cocoa mix, lip gloss, skating stickers, chocolates, skating key chains, etc.
  • Consider sending home special ice skate–shaped cookies in cellophane bags tied with ribbon.
  • Make sure to take a snapshot of the kids on ice to include in the thank-you notes.

--Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs


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