December 03, 2009

When Plans go Awry… or How a Dry Well Reminded Me of the Best Part of Thanksgiving

30 Days of Cozi  

by Jennifer Leal

What an eventful Thanksgiving Eve we had! Originally, the plan was that we were only going to bring the sweet potato casserole (featured last week), but that all changed Wednesday night when my mother called saying that their well went dry and they had no water. She could not make the potatoes or any other side dishes she had planned.

To relieve her anxieties, I told my mom that my husband and I would make them (even though it was already 8 at night) and re-heat them once we arrived from our 7 hour journey. Since my husband offered to go to the store, I made him a shopping list and thought I would do some prep work while he was gone. The shopping list included potatoes, fresh vegetables, herbs etc. and I was ready to pull an all-nighter.

Imagine my surprise when he came home with instant potatoes, jarred gravy and boxed stuffing. He gave me a ‘What?’ look as I stared while he unpacked the bags. I asked him why he didn’t buy the items I listed, and he said he didn’t want me to be up all night cooking from scratch. He was proud of himself, so I laughed, packed the items up and hit the sack.

Looking back, this little story actually added to the holiday. I used the Cozi Family Journal to create a newsletter to document our trip and the unexpected side dish extravaganza that began at 5 am Thanksgiving Day. While creating the journal, I learned that to tell a full story with multiple photos, it’s best to create a newsletter that can be automatically sent out at the end of each month. 

Now the rest of the family can share in our side dish ‘scurry’ and be reminded that the most important thing that day was not the food, but the company and love that surrounded us.



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Jennifer Leal is the author of Savor the Thyme, a blog focused on family-friendly food and lifestyle. She holds a Master’s of Science in Immunology, and prior to having her two children, now ages 3 and 5, Jennifer worked for a large pharmaceutical company.


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Oh, what a great story! Your husband is a smart man! And I'm so glad you got to share the day with some beauty sleep!

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