December 07, 2009

Reliving the Memories with Cozi Collage Screensaver


by Jody Halsted

We’ve come to the point in our travels where we don’t pick up very many trinkets. Sure, the girls will buy a few tiny things with their spending money but, overall, we don’t bring a lot home with us from our trips.

Unless you count photos... We take thousands of photos. My girls each have a digital camera (inexpensive used point & shoots), Doug has his, and I have mine so we get many different perspectives, some quite interesting.

It’s fun to see the pictures from trips, or even daily life, and remember what we did, how we felt and the experiences we had. Unfortunately for my family, I am about two years behind on my scrapbooking, and all the photos from recent getaways are locked inside my computer.

About 6 weeks ago, I downloaded the Cozi Photo Collage Screensaver onto our computers. Setup was simple and I had it running in minutes. The girls were excited to see pictures on my screensaver instead of the bubbles that usually float across. I liked that I could choose to have the screensaver utilize my entire “pictures” folder or I could assign specific folders to pull the pictures from. The screensaver is “smart” and keeps photos together in correct groupings. No Fourth of July photos mixed in with Christmas poses. I also really liked that, with a glance, I could see what was on the calendar (must be signed in for this feature to work.)

 Cozi Photo Collage Screen Saver

Watching the Cozi Collage has become one of my daughters’ favorite pastimes. Thankfully, I can start it from my desktop so they don’t have to wait for it to turn on!

Get your family organized and on the same page with Cozi, the free online family organizer.

Jody Halsted plans adventures near and far to share on her travel-oriented website Have Kid Will Travel. She also writes a lifestyle blog, Iowa Geek, and is the founder of the I_Blog Conference, the first blogger conference designed to serve the US midwest. Jody is also "Mommy" to two preschool age daughters, "Wife" to Doug, and "brush wielder" to Toby, a 12-year-old St. Bernard mix.



My kids LOVE watching the collage, too!

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