November 30, 2009

Lots of Ways to Share Your Cozi Family Journal


by Jody Halsted

The funniest thing to me about my travel blog is that hundreds of people visit my site each day for travel tips or to see where we are going next, but my family rarely visits. They know that I will tell them in person or that I am just a phone call away if they have a question.

I hadn’t really used the Cozi Family Journal feature until this past month. But in playing with it I realized just how handy it is for connecting with my family and keeping them up to date with our travel plans and fun activities.

My newest journal entry looks like this:

The Halsted Family Journal

It’s pretty simple, but it tells what I’m up to and gives a loose outline of our plans. Next I will share it two ways. Much of my family is on Facebook so I set up the Facebook feature found under “share on web." After a very easy set up the Cozi Family Journal appears on the sidebar of my profile page:

Cozi Family Journal on Facebook

I can edit the setting to control my journal entries appearing in my feed, on my sidebar or in my boxes. I absolutely love that I can text in short messages to my Cozi Journal on Facebook by dialing 32665 (FBOOK) and beginning  the message with "cozifamily".  (This does have to be set up in advance.)  This is really handy since I don’t have a web-enabled phone but I do have unlimited text messaging!

Of course we do have some family members that aren’t on Facebook. Cozi has that covered for me with the easy “send by email” button. I prefer to send each update but there is a monthly newsletter feature that intrigues me. I can imagine it being a great “round up” for family when we’re on the go.

Cozi also gives you the option to share your journal with the world. If you aren’t a blogger, I can see this option as a great way to share your stories. As a blogger, my life is already out there as much as I prefer, so I keep mine private. I do really love the feature to protect your kids’ names and the ability to name your journal whatever you choose. It’s well thought out and easy to use.

Get your family organized and on the same page with Cozi, the free online family organizer.

Jody Halsted plans adventures near and far to share on her travel-oriented website Have Kid Will Travel. She also writes a lifestyle blog, Iowa Geek, and is the founder of the I_Blog Conference, the first blogger conference designed to serve the US midwest. Jody is also "Mommy" to two preschool age daughters, "Wife" to Doug, and "brush wielder" to Toby, a 12-year-old St. Bernard mix.


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