November 02, 2009

Last Call For Shutterfly Photobooks

If you’ve been meaning to get started on your discounted or free Shutterfly photobook from Cozi, now’s the time!

If you are a new Cozi family with a code for $10 off a Shutterfly photobook, your code is in the welcome letter you received when you created your new Cozi online family calendar account. You may use this code for $10 off your 8 x 8 hardcover photobook from Shutterfly anytime between now and November 15.

If your family had a Cozi online family organizer account prior to October 6, you are eligible for a FREE 8 x 8 hardcover photobook from Shutterfly. If you haven’t used your Shutterfly promo code yet, you have until November 15 to use the code, but your code will only be visible in your Cozi account until November 4.

To ensure that you have your code available when you’re ready to create your photobook, please copy and paste your code into Shutterfly from the link on your Cozi family planner home page by November 4. After November 4, your code will no longer be visible in Cozi.

Once you add your code to Shutterfly, Shutterfly will keep your code for you until you're ready to redeem it, through November 15.

Enjoy creating your Shutterfly photobook, and enjoy using your Cozi online family calendar to simplify your family’s busy life.


debbie morrell

I'm trying to use my code - but Shutterfly is saying it is not a valid code. I'm looking in my "account" on November 3 and I no longer see the code to make sure I've written it down correctly. Somebody needs to fix this!


I cannot find my code. I have been a member for 2 years now.

Cozi Blog

I'm so sorry you're experiencing trouble with this. We will make sure to resolve this for you. Could you please send a message to so that we may investigate the specifics of your situation? Thank you!

Cozi Blog

Thanks for letting us know about this, Jessica. If you aren't able to see your code, that's probably a browser issue. We'd be glad to help you resolve this. Please send a message to for more detailed instructions. Thanks!


I received my welcome letter but no code. Please let me know what I need to do.


I'm sorry if you qualified, but didn't receive a code. Could you please send a message to so that we can investigate the details of your situation? Thanks!


I didn't recieve a code. How can I get it??


If you had a Cozi account before October 6, you qualify for a free 8 x8 hardcover photobook. Your code should be above your family journal on your homepage. If you qualify for this offer, but don't see the code, you are probably using the IE6 browser, and need to upgrade to IE8 or Firefox 3. If you signed up for Cozi after October 6, you qualify for $10 off a photobook, and your code should be in your welcome letter. If you need more information, please send a message to today for help with details. Thanks!

Rachael Gibb

Hey, I'm having the same problem. I've been a member for a long time now and got an email saying that all I had to do was login and I'd see a code for a free photobook, but, it was NEVER there. I checked the home page, our family journal, everywhere! There WAS NO code on my Cozi homepage or anywhere on and I was logged in.


I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you had with finding your code. It sounds like you're using the IE6 browser, since many of the newer features on Cozi aren't visible with this older browser. If you send us a message at, we can give you instructions to upgrade your browser and get your code to you. Thanks!

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