November 30, 2009

Host a Holiday Cookie Party

Looking for an easy afternoon of fun with your kids and their friends this holiday season? Baking up a batch (or several) of festive cookies is an easy activity to put together and will make memories that last a lifetime.

When planning your cookie baking, take into account the ages of the children who will be attending to determine how much actual baking will be done. For small kids, simply decorating prebaked cookies would be excellent. School-age children can handle rolling out chilled dough, cutting the dough into shapes with cookie cutters, doing an activity while they bake and cool, and then decorating. Tweens and teens will appreciate taking on the challenge of making the cookies themselves from start to finish.

To throw a great holiday cookie party, try these ideas:

  • For an invitation, cut out holiday shapes using colorful construction paper with your cookie cutters; gingerbread men are a great idea. Write the party information on the invitation. Attach a candy cane to the invite if they will be hand-delivered.
  • The heart of this party will take place in your kitchen and dining area. Have enough seats available for the children to sit down and decorate. Line the kitchen table with wrapping paper for a festive feel. Providing your kids and their guests with red aprons and Santa hats will add fun, and they can be taken home as party favors. Certainly, play those holiday carols!
  • For younger children, set out plates where the kids will decorate their cookies. In the center of the table, place your frosting tubes, sprinkles, and candies for the kids to use to decorate. Older kids will most likely be spending a large amount of time in the kitchen cutting out dough and placing cookies on baking trays, or actually making the cookies from scratch.

While the cookies are baking, you might try some of these additional activities:

  • Hold a taste test. Place cookie ingredients or holiday spices in individual bowls, and have guests taste each one to determine what it is.
  • Have a cocoa station with hot chocolate, whipped cream, candy cane sticks, and chocolate shavings for the kids to create a sweet treat.
  • Have your recipe books out for the children to browse, as well as 3×5 cards and pens. They can copy a recipe or two that they would like to try during the season and take these cards home as well.
  • After the cookie cutters have been used, wash them, and have the kids use them to draw festive pictures, to make play dough shapes, and so on.
  • When the cookies have been baked and decorated, wrap them in red plastic wrap for taking home, along with recipe cards, aprons, hats, or other favors.

This is an easy party to put together, even at the last minute, and it can be as fancy or as simple as you make it. The kids will love it.

Happy holiday baking!

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