November 28, 2009

Dinner Ideas!

What’s for dinner, Mom?

This is the question nearly every mom faces around 5:00 when the kids are suddenly starving. If you’re an organized meal planner with every dinner prepped in advance, then you can answer this question with ease, and head back to the homework.

If you’re like the rest of us, though, you respond like a deer in the headlights, with panicked eyes and an urge to run in the other direction.

Let’s face it, most moms are scrambling to come up with dinner ideas around 5:00 each night, and while you might be able to pass off eggs and bacon as a fun “breakfast for dinner” theme once in a while, it won’t work daily. It truly takes an endless supply of ingenuity, inspiration and endurance to put dinner on the table night after night, especially a dinner that your will make your kids smile.

Before you break into a cold sweat just thinking about it, Cozi has good news. While we’re not delivering dinner to your door, we’re delivering the next best thing: Dinner Ideas!DinnerIdeasMap
Dinner Ideas is a fun and easy way to quickly get lots of family dinner ideas. Cozi Dinner Ideas is set up through Twitter, and when people tell us what’s for dinner on Twitter, we map it here.

Just click on where you live to get dinner inspiration from your neighbors. Or, click around the map for meal ideas from afar.

As you scroll around, you’ll be amazed (and often entertained) at the creative ideas springing up from kitchens around the world.

Never thought of combining English muffins, tomato sauce, cheese and olives for homemade mini-pizzas? Well, fortunately, @Challisse did. Now your dinner is planned!

Never thought of combining last night’s left-over chicken with the cans of veggie soup on your shelf for a dinner that can be ready in less than 10 minutes? Fortunately, @alli did. That could work!

Once you bookmark this page, you’ll have easy access to an endless supply of dinner ideas every night.

Want to share info on what you’re having for dinner? Tweet about it, and include #cozidinnerideas, #dinner or #whatsfordinner. A few minutes later, your dinner idea will be mapped.

Enjoy Dinner Ideas, and make sure to share this tool with your friends and family, because everyone could use some dinner inspiration.



Stuffed Baked Potatoes with pulled/bbq chicken!
Yumm-O! & soooo easy!

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