November 26, 2009

Check Out Martha's Family Journal

If you enjoy reading Martha Brockenbrough’s Maybe Means Probably Not posts, you’ve got to check out Martha's family journal. She’s been keeping one since Cozi launched the feature, and it’s awesome.

As with her posts, Martha’s journal entries will make you laugh, cry, and beg for more.

From the entry about Alice and Lucy thinking Doughnut Wednesdays are the best day of the week, to the entry about Lucy’s “half a bad dream”, Martha’s journal will completely charm you. You can even add smiles to the entries you like best.

As I read though Martha’s posts, I found myself becoming a serial smiler. All of the entries are just so good, that it’s virtually impossible not to add a smile.Martha's Family

I especially love her idea of using the journal to write witty notes to Alice and Lucy. For example, here’s her entry from November 12:

Dear Lucy and Alice,

The garbage can is next to the fridge. That thing you keep stuffing your wrappers in? It is my purse.


Martha’s family journal is so much fun to read that it will inspire you to keep one, too. It will make you realize how great it is to look back on all the funny things your kids do and say.

If you don’t keep a family journal, will you remember the special moments of your family’s day-to-day life? Sadly, for most of us, if the moments aren’t written down, they’ll be lost forever.

Of course, Martha’s a writer by trade, so she includes lots of great anecdotes from her family, and has a wonderful way with words. If you’re more inspired by photos, that’s great, too.

The family journal is just an easy way to preserve your family’s memories, whether it’s with a photo or a quick story, or both. It just takes a minute to jot down a moment, and preserve your memory forever.

So read Martha’s family journal, and start one for your family today!


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